1. B

    Interpolation of several graph plots.

    Hi all, I hope someone may be able to point me in the right direction. I have plotted data points from a pdf and created a spreadsheet, from this spreadsheet i have created an scatter graph of the pdf. The torque values are determined by the speed of an electric brake and the current output...
  2. S

    XLOOKUP not working with time (0:00:00,00 format) / Interpolating Values

    Hey there I'm currently working on results a sensor gave me via the data streamer. This gives out Coolums D and E which is the time and the data of the sensor. Later on I will have 2 sensors which I want to compare. So I will have 2 sets of 2 collums each. The comparison is simply the result of...
  3. D

    Interpolating Data From a Table

    Hi Guys, I've recorded engine data and two of the variables recorded were engine speed and coolant temperature. To determine friction torque, the table below needs to be used: <colgroup><col><col><col span="16"></colgroup><tbody> Engine Speed 400 800 1000 1100 1200 1300 1400 1500 1600 1800...
  4. K

    Interpolating but with 10 Numbers between each value

    Right I have numbers from -90 to 90 by 1 with values and I need to interpolate numbers from -90 to 90 by 0.1. I need my formula to skip 10 cells then increase to use new numbers to interpolate, so for numbers between -90 and -89 it uses those values then -89 to -88 for the next 10 interpolated...
  5. O

    Calculating Weighted Average of a Data Subset

    Hi, I have a dataset with a variable versus depth (see below example). I want to calculate a weighted average of a calculated subset of these data, for example, the weighted average from 3.2 to, say, 8.7. I know how to calculate the weighted average of the full dataset, but not a subset, which...
  6. X

    Macro for interpolating spreadsheet

    Hello everyone, I am attempting to interpolate weather data that I have acquired but doing in by hand is not ideal. I was hoping that someone proficient in writing macros could help. I have attached an image showing what I am trying to achieve. The yellow cells are the cells with my...
  7. M

    Table Lookup (two-dimensional) with Interpolation

    Hello, I have this table which I wrote by getting values from a graph (included in the image below). I am able to get the exact values as far as they match the values in X and Y axis using the INDEX and MATCH functions. What I am trying to achieve is to get interpolated values for the X...
  8. B

    Multiple interpolation based on table and input data

    OK, I am trying to interpolate and perform calculations from a table based on multiple variables at the same time. I have sort of figured out part using nested if statements, but it is getting ugly fast, so I am hoping for some help. What I have is a table defining how to find the value for Ca...
  9. L

    Interpolate between data - NOT WORKING?

    Hi, I have a list with data for vehicles' speed vs grade%. I'm currently using this formula but is suspecting that this is not very accurate and gives errors: =FORECAST(I10,OFFSET(speed_loaded1,MATCH(I10,grade_loaded1,1)+1,0,2),OFFSET(grade_loaded1,MATCH(I10,grade_loaded1,1)+1,0,2)) Can...
  10. X

    linear interpolation function vba code

    Hi, I have an interpolation function that I have tried to write in VBA. The results of the function are correct when the given X value (in my case sigma) is equal to or outside the bounds of the highest or lowest sigma. But when the given X value or sigma for which I'm trying to interpolate...
  11. B

    Interpolation ?

    Hello. I am trying to establish my electricity consumption for any period throughout the year, obviously summer months or quarters will be less than winter months or quarters. I have meter readings from odd points in the year as follows: 28/05/2010 9069 12/06/2010 9339 17/06/2010 9455...
  12. B

    UDF Interpolating to Ignore Empty Cells

    G'day, I've got a UDF that interpolates data in a range. The problem with it is that if a part of the range does not contain data, it doesn't perform the calculation. Is there a way to firstly cull the range data and then do the math? Vlookup can work with a range of say C:D but this UDF can't.
  13. M

    Using OFFSET to create the array inputs in FORECAST

    Hi, My basic question is: Can the array inputs of the FORECAST function be read from an intermediate cell containing an OFFSET function? I am using the FORECAST function to interpolate between 2 pairs of numbers. I have the following formula which is working fine...
  14. J

    Interpolating in Ms Access

    Hello, I wonder how can I get an access query to interpole kind of like in the VLOOKUP Excel formula. I have a table that have a field named GAP that shows the distance between tow measures. I have another table with 3 columns min, max and GAP_RANGE. I want the query to identify in which...

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