1. S

    Interrupted Transpose

    Hi Suppose that we have two columns including a million rows like this: Is there any formula to make another arranged table? like this pic: Any help would be...
  2. T

    Please help with error message - "Code execution has been interrupted"

    Hello all, I have the below VBA within a worksheet. However, I am received this error message, "Code execution has been interrupted" almost at random. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesnt. Any thought?? Private Sub Worksheet_Change(ByVal Target As Range) 'Last edited by Tom White on...
  3. M

    Well-used simple macro suddenly goes wrong

    EXcel 2003. I run a macro each day as I have for many months, on a large sheet, 15,000 rows, 50 columns. It just reformats the text, changes the width of columns, adds a bit of conditional formatting etc., nothing sophisticated. The sheet is generated overnight from a SQL database. Yesterday...
  4. G

    Code always interrupted. Have to press Continue constantly

    Whenever I run any of my macros, I get the error message "Code Interruption" or something like that, and I have to press the Continue button many times for the code to finish. The code runs without this error on other computers. I don't think I've changed any of my settings recently, but this...
  5. R

    Excel's saving process interrupted

    My problem seems to be that Excels saving process is being interrupted. From what i understand is that when i save a workbook, excel first saves the active workbook as some random name. Then Excel deletes the original file and renames the newly created file with the name of the original. My...

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