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    Custom Ribbon Recovery Issues

    Hi everyone, I've been working with custom Ribbons over the last couple of months and have just started trying to play around with the code that recovers the ribbon object should the vba backend bug out for any reason, thereby allowing the user to continue using the ribbon in the interim...
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    Conditionally Clearing A Custom Ribbon Combobox

    Hi everyone, I recently set up a custom Ribbon tab through customUI Editor for an oft-used workbook. Included in the tab is a combobox, the purpose of which is to be used as a navigational 'go to' tool. Its populated by the names of a large selection of worksheets and the onAction procedure...
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    Interact with Ribbon without the Office Type Reference?

    I'm using the Office Fluent Ribbon object model in a workbook that I've had issues with 'objects disconnecting from their clients'. The Microsoft solution (;en-us;Q319832) involves removing the Office Type Reference (Microsoft Office 12.0...

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