1. D

    IF AND Statement

    Hello, I am trying to create a tool which dependent on year, will tell me whether to upgrade a phone or repair. I have go to it work with the year so that it either returns "repair and Replace" dependent on year... but i want to incorporate an and statement in this. the statement below is...
  2. Q

    Filtering in one row

    Hello, i need help in this please <tbody> <tbody> name </tbody> <tbody> type </tbody> <tbody> Jack </tbody> <tbody> iphone </tbody> <tbody> Jack </tbody> <tbody> android </tbody> <tbody> John </tbody> <tbody> iphone </tbody> <tbody> John...
  3. A

    Excel iPhone 7

    I can't format a. cell in the IOS version of Excel on my IPhone I had a date format in my dat column that was formatted as such 10-0#-18 so all I da to do was type the day say the 12 and the cell would show 10-12-18. Now when I share my spreadsheet with my Mac it works, but when I share it back...
  4. B

    Extracting TEXT

    Morning all, If I had a row of devices in A:A. iPhone 8 256GB iPhone 8 64GB iPhone 8 64GB + AirPods iPhone 8 64GB + Beats Solo3 iPhone 8 Plus 256GB iPhone 8 Plus 64GB iPhone 8 Plus 64GB + AirPods iPhone 8 Plus 64GB + Beats Solo3 What would be the best formula to just extract the text before...
  5. R

    Select a maximum value from a column which has repeated values

    <tbody> Phone Country Count If Launch Iphone Singapore 1 Apr 2017 Iphone Singapore 2 Apr 2018 Iphone Vietnam 1 Mar 2019 Iphone China 1 Jun 2019 Samsung Singapore 1 Apr 2019 Samsung China 1 Aug 2017 Samsung Turkey 1 Jun 2017 Samsung Turkey 2 Jul 2018 </tbody> Count if...
  6. R

    Select the output based on multiple column conditions

    <colgroup><col><col><col></colgroup><tbody> Phone Country Approval Date Iphone Singapore 9/1/2016 Iphone Singapore 9/1/2017 Iphone Vietnam 9/15/2017 Iphone China 12/1/2016 Samsung Singapore 12/1/2017 Samsung China 12/15/2017 Samsung Turkey 1/5/2016 Samsung Turkey 1/5/2017...
  7. R

    Mobile App linked to Excel?

    Hey all, I don't feel as this should be difficult, however I have had no experience in the app development field. I simply need to create a mobile app with a specific number of textboxes and when data is entered in them and a button is pressed, the data is transferred to a specific excel sheet...
  8. H

    Need to date stamp a cell if another cell contains a value

    I have an issue with a worksheet I'm using. Currently I have two sheets in my workbook. One worksheet I use to mark with an X if an employee arrives. The other sheet date and time stamps the actual time they arrive after I mark the related cell with an X. I accomplish this today with a few...
  9. L

    Protected 2007 Workbook violated by Iphone 6? Safe Alternatives?

    To give you a bit of background - part of my job is to create 300+ workbooks to be sent out to Companies to be completed and returned. From this I then create VBA coding to pull them into one master document. The documents themselves are created very simply, using a hidden tab containing the...
  10. D

    Building an app from an Excel sheet

    [Cross-posted from Excel Forum.] Hi there, A couple of months ago I reached out to the community and asked whether some spreadsheets would work better as apps. For us, the answer is obvious, as we have helped create apps based on Excel sheets for years, mostly for hospital use. We've seen...
  11. D

    Are some spreadsheets better as apps?

    [Cross-posted from Excel Forum.] Wouldn't it be preferable to distribute some calculations as apps instead of spreadsheets? I'm specifically thinking of "spreadsheet templates" that are typically created by one person or one team for use by others. In these spreadsheets, some cells are...
  12. M

    Slicers won't show in webapp on iphone

    Using my skydrive and the Excel webapp the slicers don't appear when I access the webapp on my iphone. Why? And what's the alternative?

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