1. K

    Loan Amortization

    Hi Examples of Loan Amortization schedules using Excel's PMT, IPMT functions are available, with a fixed interest and fixed tenure values. I have a loan which has a variable interest depending on the central banks' reference value. Due to the variable interest, the monthly payment is kept...
  2. P

    Referencing Cell with Excel Function Name in Another Cell

    I'm creating a table with calculated mortgage payments with principal (PPMT) and interest (IPMT) functions in adjacent columns. I want to be able to change the cell contents at the top of the column, e.g. PPMT to IPMT, and have the cells below it reflect the changed function. I've used CONCAT...
  3. M

    Calculating Interest and Principal Payments in 365 day year

    Does anyone know how to adjust the IPMT and PPMT formulas to account for a 365 day year versus a 360 day year? Or is there another way for this to be done?

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