1. A

    Looking for and old coding friend - Ira Gold

    Anybody know if Ira Gold still is active in this forum? I think I remember the name was ingold? Hope somebody can help me.
  2. C

    Transpose colums to a row based on a keyword / number

    Hey there, i need to do what seems easy, but i cannot wrap my head around it. I have a set of data that looks like this: <tbody> HH Name Account Fee 1 Jones IRA 0.5% 1 Jones Individual 0.8% 2 Smith Joint 1.0% 2 Smith IRA 0.5% 2 Smith Trust 0.9% </tbody> I need to have...
  3. R

    Real average rate of return on IRA investement

    I have a spreadsheet with the following columns: A= count of years B= year C= iRA Balance at start of year D= yearly contribution E= IRA Ending value I can get the average yearly interest rate of the entire portfolio. Unfortunatly this rate includes my contributions so I believe the rate of...

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