1. A

    Unable To Return To Normal Texct From Italic

    I was successfull in italicizing text in my textbox, but I am struggling with turning the italic format off to return the text to normal. With uf9_poststaff .pin.Enabled = True .dcard_id.Enabled = True...
  2. S

    comment box internal formatting code

    Is it possible to reveal the codes for a comment box internal text formatting? What I've found so far deals mostly with bold or italic formatting with VBA but what I'd like to see is the spacing and hard returns between words.
  3. srizki

    Find Duplicate values with corresponding values.

    Hi all, I am looking for a formula. I have values in column A and corresponding values in column B, I want to find out if the duplicate exists with the two cells. For example, if I have. <tbody> 62017000 8015064 52017000 8192746 62017000 8192746 52017000 8192747 62017000...
  4. F

    =FIND function to look for bold or italic text

    hi guys I wonder if anyone has come up with a non-VBA solution to find and identify text in cells that are e.g. in BOLD or Italic font? A1 = THIS IS A test of the content A2 = 19 (i.e. it starts at the 19th character for Italic) A3 = 6 (i.e. it starts at the 6th character for BOLD) doable...
  5. Manolocs

    Italic font extract

    Hello, how can I extract from rows the italic words and leave the non italics. In this list there are italic and no italic words in every row, I need to split each row with Italic non italic words. Thanks in Advance
  6. Manolocs

    Change a given Function:

    Hello, I got this Function from Mr. Peter_SSs, it is working perfect, the function split Bold Words from not Bold. My questions is, Can this function be changed to look for (italic and Capital letters font) instead of Bold? I don't need both together but would be good to have one function for...
  7. M

    Vlookup with formatting

    Hi. I am using vlookup and I need to have the same formating as the original sheet, example "How are you, Susan. How can i dothis. Thank you in advance.

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