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    PowerQuery: Row with same ID, CONCATENATE image column into one row.

    Hi In PowerQuery I have a tabel that looks like the tabel under (TBL1). if you see under the ItemNo I have 1 or several same ID. So I need help to make a colum that takes e.g. ItemNo: SHD3061 that have 2 rows of images and concatenate. So my result I hope to achieve is this (TBL2) TBL2...
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    Copy cell from sheet1 to sheet 2 only if condition met

    I have 2 worksheets, sheet1 is the main database with 10 columns and over 9000+ rows, while sheet2 has prices and inventory for over 9000+ items. sheet1 has "ItemNo", so does sheet2, I need to make sure that sheet1 and sheet2 both have that same "ItemNo", if they do it will copy the prices and...

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