1. tvsramesha

    Removing Japanese characters from workbook

    Hi All - Thanks in advance, I'm using OCR conversion and importing into excel, the label from contains Japanese characters apart from alphanumeric(western) characters, want to only clean the Japanese characters, please help me with a macro to remove the Japanese characters(copied below) Ramesha...
  2. L

    Katakana to hiragana VBA

    Hi all! I have an excel file where I have to change Katakana characters to Hiragana. I've been using StrConv + vbHiragana for some time, however, it is really slow since I am using it in a range for a 1000 rows (two times). After searching around, I've found the following code, which seems like...
  3. S

    Formula Incompatibilities Between US and Japanese Versions of Excel

    I'm responsible for creating a number of Excel-based tools for use by co-workers, most of whom are based in the US. There's one in Japan, however, who periodically experiences tool problems because of differences between the US and Japanese versions of Excel. Most recently, there was a formula...
  4. J

    The phonetic() function

    Hi, I'm not sure if anybody has ever heard of this function, but according to Microsoft: http://office.microsoft.com/en-us/excel/HP052508411033.aspx Well...I've tried these examples in my version of Excel 2007 but they return N/A errors. In fact, these formulas don't work for any other Kanjis...

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