1. C

    Assigning column values to a heading

    Hi, Yesterday I posted a similar question to this one but figured more context is needed in order for a solution to work for me :( For context, I have data in a primary table structured like below: <tbody> Name City Level Jeff Perth 5 Mark London 2 Phil New York 4 </tbody> The names...
  2. C

    Help Calculate Bonus

    Hoping someone can help me. I need to create something that can help calculate a "bonus" if certain items are sold on the same invoice with amount greater than $X. Something like this: To qualify employee X needs to sell gallon of milk to qualify priced at least $X, if he can add yogurt...
  3. J

    Combining Data w/ VBA

    Hello everyone, I am a long time lurker and excel novice. I have a data set that has multiple entries per date and per group and I would like to combine those entries into a single line. I have given an before and after example below. I am hoping for a VBA solution so that I can save it as a...
  4. Dr. Demento

    Differentiate CF applied to same range

    I'm attempting to augment Jeff Weir's Easy way to back up CF formats sub but I'm running into an issue when more than one CF is applied to the same range. The excerpt below loops thru both the various ranges with CF (rngUsed) and each FormatCondition that is active in that range. However, not...
  5. S

    Conditional Formatting with Multiple Rows

    Hi There, Hoping this is easier than I'm making it.. I'm trying to conditionally format columns based on the sum of multiple rows. <tbody> Jeff John Jack 3 0 1 3 3 0 </tbody> The formatting I'm looking to see is: if row2+row3>2, then green; if row2+row3=2, then orange; if row2+row3<2...
  6. T

    Removing uncommon entries between two lists of names+data

    I have two long lists of names with associated data for each name from which I want to remove names that aren't common to both lists. I need something that can take me from this: <tbody> Name A B C D E F G H Name A B C D E F G H Jeff Smith x x x x x x x x...
  7. J

    Converting Polynomial equation

    Hi, I fit a polynomial line to a chart and got the following equation: -5E+06x^2 + 7E+07x + 1E+08 How do I use this as a formula in a cell? Thanks Jeff
  8. C

    Lookup using multiple criteria with column/row defined tables

    Greetings and salutations oh great gurus of all things EXCEL!! I need a formula to return a person's name with from the below example after using "CATEGORY" and "DIVISION" to quantify. For instance, if I enter BEER and FLBU, I would expect it to return Paul Oderio as the name. Any suggestions...

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