1. A

    VBA conditional range selection for jpeg

    Hello, I made an active X button that takes a range and turns it into a jpeg and then sends it by e-mail. I need this selection to be conditional as the range will vary since it is based on a pivot table. Here is the code: Private Sub CommandButton1_Click() Dim xOutApp As Object Dim...
  2. P

    access 2013 button

    Hi All, Just wondered if it was possible to create a button in access using a jpeg ?
  3. N

    VBA Code to convert .jpg to .pdf, and other conversions

    Hello! We are taking a lot of time to manually convert different file types to PDF to be uploaded into an imaging system. I have this code to convert .doc to .pdf, and it's working: Sub WordtoPDF() Application.ScreenUpdating = False Dim file Dim path As String path = "U:\Documents\File...
  4. NewOrderFac33

    Issue inserting JPEG containing into Workbook

    Good afternoon, I have an area of my worksheet containing pie charts that I export to a JPEG at different points in the week - the idea being that I'm taking a "snapshot" of the piecharts at different points in time, to allow me to compare them over a period. The code creates a new worksheet...
  5. T

    VBA code needed for Inserting and resizing pics

    Hello, 1. I have a multisheet excel file where I would like VBA code to go out onto the server and pull in jpeg images based on style names listed in the spreadsheet. 2. Style names could be on any cell say from range a1:ab200. Generally about 60 styles per excel workbook tab. We use multiple...
  6. sharky12345

    Save jpeg as bmp

    I need a method to convert a jpeg file to bmp through VBA - does anyone know if this is possible?
  7. J

    Access form with pdf as background, add db fikelds on top of it

    I want to save a pdf saved as a JPEG or TIF in the background so I can add db fields on top of the PDF. Ive inserted the PDF as a JPEG and TIF. When I print it, it looks pixalated and the black has a brown tint. and it also is five pages instead of 1. Is there a setting to increase its...
  8. G

    View JPEG file

    I have stored the full path and file name to a JPG file in a cell. I have a command button titled "Open" next to the cell. How do I cause the image to be displayed when the button is clicked? There would also need to be a way to close the image.
  9. B

    How to embed JPEG in workbook with a copy saved in excel - or a hyperlink to it

    Hey guys, first off thanks for the help. Tried searching butdidn't find anything related.<o:p></o:p> For work I have to take pictures of several different featuresand add pricing information and condition etc. Basically I want to embed a jpegfile in the workbook with a saved copy in the actual...
  10. P

    Displaying image from website

    Hello guys, I am banging my head on this one. I would like the spreadsheet to have access to an image online, everytime I open the spreadsheet I want it to retrieve the image and show it. I am a newbie with macros, so I would appreciate details. Is there any way of doing it without macros, btw...
  11. B

    Inserting pictures into an Excel cell using http// reference within a cell on a diff sheet in workbook

    I'm using a workbook with multiple sheets of data... Trying to insert pictures onto Sheet 1 (horizontally across a row - cells A1 thru F1) using external references found on Sheet 2 (located in vertically in Column A, rows 1 thru 6) - see below: <colgroup><col width="64" style="width:48pt">...
  12. E

    Filling in an account in excel

    Hi, excel experts, I have a problem that is making my job slow and annoying. I am making a couple of hundreds of scans a week and I need to fill in an account that contains eight graphs required. serial number|date created|department|inventory number|image type|account number|date modified|date...

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