1. C

    Trying to select a cell through VBA - skipping to several columns over

    Using the code below, I am trying to select the next cell down from the header so I can select just the data in the column without the header. For i = 1 To HeaderCount If HeaderNames(i) = "ZZZ" Then ' MsgBox ("Column # is: " & i) ' <===== answers...
  2. T


    My mouse is jumping as I scroll from cell to cell....any ideas
  3. E

    Syntax error in VB code

    I have the following syntax error when trying to select multiple rows with VB (jumping 2 rows in between) Please help. For i = ("8 To 11") & ("14 To 17") Thank you!
  4. F

    Macro jumbs to another macro without any reason

    I have a Macro which earlier worked fine. Suddenly during execution it deletes all values to variables and jumps to a different macro. This happens at different places, when I problem search with steps F8. Anybody how have experienced this ? and preferable have a solution how to continue...
  5. L

    Excel columns jump on their own

    I have three computers (2 with XP and one with W2K) wherein the excel columns will jump around and move me to the end or beginning of the column list. It seems to do this on its own and randomly. Sometimes I can get back to where I was and sometimes not. Sometimes I can go for an hour without...

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