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    Backspace for delete last letter on active part of userform

    Hi I want to use Backspace key to delete last letter typed on combobox2, but it show error "type mismatch" This is code for userform: Private Sub UserForm_Initialize() Me.ComboBox2.List = Worksheets("Sheet2").Range("B2:B600").Value Dim ws As Worksheet, rCell As Range, Key Dim Dic As...
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    Excel VBA - IE Automation Form Trouble

    I'm using Excel VBA to control IE - more specifically a javascript multi-page form with several text boxes and other elements such as drop down boxes. The drop-down boxes and multi-select boxes have an "onchange" event that I am successfully firing. And I am able to fill the text boxes out...
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    Enter Key = macro execution

    Hello guys, I'm new here! I've created an event key to run another macro. My macro does a search on the worksheet and returns values like monthly billing, store code, city and others. I write the criterion I want on A5:G5 and it returns on A6:G?? ... my problem is when I type text the macro...
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    Running macro on any key pressed event.

    Hi, Can anyone please advice me how to make a code so that it captures the event of pressing any key of the keyboard and triggers a macro. I tried using OnKey method but the problem with this is I am getting stick to any particular button whichever i specify in the onkey method wheareas I want...

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