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    Save userform as .xlsx on users desktop

    I would like to save userform as an image inside .xlsx file. I have button in userform to save as .xlsx. So my code should take a screenshot, create new Excel file, paste screenshot in there and save newly created Excel file as and .xlsx file on users desktop. For some reason my code does not...
  2. A

    Excel VBA: Export Multiple Userforms to PowerPoint or Excel as Screenshots

    Hi All Can anyone point me in the right dircection to be able Export Multiple Userforms to PowerPoint or Excel as Screenshots using VBA? If its possible! I have the below code that will export the current Open Userform to an Excel Worksheet, but unsure how to adapt for a set of Userfoms...
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    Code help

    Hi can someone assist on the following code- it works fine however instead of showing sheet 1 etc when it creates to have the sheet named as the time, so when the code is run again 10 mins later the new sheet created is a later time Private Sub CommandButton2_Click() keybd_event VK_MENU, 0, 0...
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    Temporarily mute sound (like snooze button) if VBA wave file (alarm) is playing

    Hi, I am using the below code to play a .wav file which acts like a wake up alarm. The .wav file is 8 mins long so that I definitely wake up. But while the alarm/.wav is playing I would like to be able to mute the sound for 30 seconds if the spacebar is pressed (so that I have time to wake up...
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    vba assistance

    hi the following code works wonders although before creating a blank new sheet for pasting the screen grab it brings the wrong date and time. what amendment is required to ensure the exact current time date is changed before the screen copy to paste in a new sheet this is the code:- Option...
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    Saving New Screenshot on New Column

    Hi guys, I'm having trouble adding another column for my screenshots. What I need is to be able to click the same command button then if the +5 column is occupied for it to take a new screenshot and place it in +6 column. The code below does that but it doesn't save as a new image. It...
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    How do I use api keybd_event calls to simulate holding both CTRL & ALT down and press C

    Hi All, I am trying to open another application and it has a hot key (CTRL+ALT+C)to open regardless of which window is currently active. I want to activate that application which then puts the cursor in the first entry box and then send it keystrokes. I am able to manually use the hot key and...
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    Scroll lock key

    Let me start off by explaining what I am trying to do. I would like the scroll lock key to light up whenever there is something in my range and turn off when it is empty. I have the procedure below called every minute (I'm using Application.OnTime to do this). It is a small part of a much...

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