keyboard shortcut

  1. S

    VBA MACROS - keyboard shortcut range code

    Hello, I’m not sure this is the best way to go about it.. But I need code to get a specified range in a macro. The range is variable .. so I’m trying to use keyboard shortcuts like “ctrl + home” and “ctrl + end” to get the correct range. The problem is when I start let’s say at the bottom...
  2. P

    Keyboard Shortcut to View all Worksheets (Excel 2010)

    Hi, Is there a keyboard shortcut to view all the worksheets in a workbook? I know how to right click on the <> arrows to view all the worksheets but wondered if there was a shortcut? Thanks Peter
  3. R

    keyboard Shortcut for the ½ character

    Hi I have some tedious data entry to do into a spreadsheet. Mostly text. Every once in a while I have to use the 1/2 character in a string So I can copy and paste the character from the clipboard (very quick) but copy/paste gets used a lot anyway so then I have - to stop typing. go find the...
  4. JaapZ

    Keyboard shortcut not recognized

    Keyboard shortcuts doesn't work when the menu bar is not visible Version: Excel for Office 365 MSO (16.0.10730.20264), 64 bit I'm an avid user of key-board short cuts. First thing I think of for Save=Ctrl-S, Copy/Paste=Ctrl-C/V, Set filter= Ctrl-Shift-L etc. So if I want to delete a row or a...
  5. W

    What is the keyboard shortcut to access all the entries within a pivot table

    I am not a frequent user of Microsoft Excel. So I'm hoping that I have describing the problem correctly. I have been sent several Microsoft Excel worksheets to work upon. Each of these contain pivot tables with each row summarise some financial transaction for a particular month. So, I will...
  6. T

    Macro wont Run with shorts

    I have a userform open and my Application.visible = False on start up, i want to add a macro that will Application.visible = True with assigned shortcut Ctrl+Shift+Z it currently does not work and have ran out of ideas, any help is appreciated?
  7. V

    Macro shortcut, skip blank rows, and saving copy of worksheet

    I was able to get my macro to work with the code below and then I was asked to tweak a little and now I'm having problems again. Assistance on the tweaks to my code is greatly appreciated. The tweaks I am to add: 1) Add a keyboard shortcut. However, when I do this, the macro stops running at...
  8. T

    Using VBA to compress pictures

    Hello, I would like to create a VBA to automate the "Compress Pictures" in a batch. I've been searching the forum and realize that the Excel 2016 version do not have such code exist, however, this can be done by some "Keyboard alt key" recording. Unfortunately, I can 't find any solution for...
  9. M

    keyboard shortcut to formula editing field (literally) in Excel? (Not F2)

    I am looking for the keyboard shortcut to edit a formula in the formula edit field. I am not looking for similar functionality such as F2, which allows you to edit the formula, but only with the cursor in the cell you are working on. Put another way, I am looking to move my cursor to the field...
  10. D

    Select 1, 2 or 3 on an Outline with Keyboard Only

    I just discovered the keyboard shortcuts of Alt+A+J for show detail and Alt+A+H for hide detail for an outline. I was wondering if there was a keyboard shortcut to select the numbers 1, 2 or 3 on an outline, for example a subtotal outline. Thanks!
  11. C

    CTRL SHIFT Down when blank in Range

    Hi Guys, Does anyone know the keybaord shortcut to select a range? Indeed, how can i trick excel to use CTRL SHIFT Down in a range with blank data and to select the last data in the range? Thanks in advance
  12. T

    This Guy - Paste Special Macro WIP. Determining if cut or copy was called...

    Hi, I like to maximize efficiency and go really fast when I work with data. I'm pretty good at doing this too, but Excel 2010's keyboard shortcuts to retrieve the paste special values menu prompt is slowing me down. I access this dialog/prompt all the time and I am annoyed at how...
  13. L

    Keyboard shortcut for highlighting cell

    What is the keyboard shortcut for highlighting cell? Can a frequently-performed task be assigned a keyboard shortcut by user? If it is done by VBA, please post the code. Thanks.
  14. G

    Alt + 7 Bullet shortcut

    Quick problem that is really inconvenient. Within Excel 2010, I used to be able to hit Alt + 7 to enter a bullet within a cell. Now when I type it, the cursor just blinks and no bullet or text is entered. Is there a setting that could have changed this or anything else? Thanks in advance for...
  15. E

    Excel:Mac 2011 Keyboard Shortcuts

    Hi Guys I apologise first of all - I'm a mac user and using the mac version of excel which frankly I will openly admit is no competition for the pc version. I'm dealing with lots of data information on massive spreadsheets and constantly using the search facility. On the mac version of excel...
  16. K

    Keyboard Shortcut for previous cell

    Hello, Is there a keyboard shortcut in Excel 2007 that will return me to the previous cell I was just at? After doing a ctrl [ to see the source of a cell, I want to be able to go back to where I was at originally; however, the ctrl [ doesn't work since the new cell likely has other...
  17. L

    Keyboard Shortcut Question

    Suppose I want to add the numbers in A1 and B1 and put that sum into C1. One way I could do it is to type in cell C1: =A1+B1 Now suppose I have numbers to add that go all the way to cells A5000 and B5000. Since I want this formula in C1 copied down the entire length of the spreadsheet, I use...
  18. J

    Tips and tricks

    I thought maybe we could start a thread where everybody shares their favorite tips, tricks, and keyboard shortcuts for excel. My favorite is the F2 keyboard shortcut for bringing the cursor into a cell instead of clicking on it. What is yours?
  19. A

    Createing a shortcut

    I am creating an addin for excel using .Net. I was wondering if could give some of my menu items universal shortcuts. For example, I have a item called quote that quotes the selected cells a certain way. Could I have it so I press Ctrl+Shift+Q quotes the selected cells? I'm not looking for...

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