keypress event

  1. N

    Activex texbox help

    Good day!! I really need help! I made a form on excel 2010 and I included several texboxes with activex, there are no codes on the macro for the texboxes and they work fine except that when I press enter nothing happen, I want the enter key to take me to the next textbox, i've looked on...
  2. B

    Using KeyPress Event to Format Numbers

    Hello All, I have textbox on a Userform that allows the user to enter a dollar amount from 1 to 99,999,999. I was trying to input code into the KeyPress event of the textbox to that while the user is entering an amount, the number is automatically split with commas. This is the code I have...
  3. Jaafar Tribak

    Custom Worksheet KeyPress Event for catching Key strokes and data validating as you type into cells !

    Greetings all, I put together a routine that handles Key strokes directed to worksheet cells and works in a similar fashion to that of the Keypress event of a TextBox control hence allowing data validation as you type-in among other things. Someone correct me if i am wrong but using the VB...

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