1. L

    Sub for keypress check

    Hi! Well i have a question for check keypress for multiple textbox with public sub. Heres example how i have done it now for each textbox. Private Sub TextBox1_KeyPress(ByVal KeyAscii As MSForms.ReturnInteger) KeyAscii = KeyAscii * -CLng(Chr(KeyAscii) Like "[0-9]") End Sub So i would like...
  2. M

    VBA UserForm listbox selection value to true on key press (enter)

    Hi there, I currently found on this board a code to activate optionbuttons or checkboxes via the enter key on a userform. This is done through a class module. (The post I used) I would like to do the same with the listboxes I have. I have tried doing exactly the same as above but I don't...
  3. E

    has a number key been pressed?

    I would like to call a message box only after a number key (1234567890) has been pressed. what is the event and code that i need to use? the code i am trying to modify is Private Sub ib_payout_Change() If MsgBox("Please use good judgement when changing the payout price for an order. Are...
  4. B

    VBA KeyPress Event Help

    Hello All, I have several textboxes within a userform and was wondering if there was some way to utilize one KeyPress method for all of these, rather than having to put the code within each textbox KeyPress event. I read some where about using Handles at the end of KeyPress...

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