1. S

    Automation Error on Keypress in Userform Listbox

    I'm trying to create a Auto-fill Textbox where my users are restricted to options that are already present in a pre-populated list of Assets. I've managed to make it work to the point that when they start typing the letters the Listbox shows up with possible matches and if they double click on...
  2. L

    Sub for keypress check

    Hi! Well i have a question for check keypress for multiple textbox with public sub. Heres example how i have done it now for each textbox. Private Sub TextBox1_KeyPress(ByVal KeyAscii As MSForms.ReturnInteger) KeyAscii = KeyAscii * -CLng(Chr(KeyAscii) Like "[0-9]") End Sub So i would like...
  3. M

    VBA UserForm listbox selection value to true on key press (enter)

    Hi there, I currently found on this board a code to activate optionbuttons or checkboxes via the enter key on a userform. This is done through a class module. (The post I used) I would like to do the same with the listboxes I have. I have tried doing exactly the same as above but I don't...
  4. E

    has a number key been pressed?

    I would like to call a message box only after a number key (1234567890) has been pressed. what is the event and code that i need to use? the code i am trying to modify is Private Sub ib_payout_Change() If MsgBox("Please use good judgement when changing the payout price for an order. Are...
  5. B

    VBA KeyPress Event Help

    Hello All, I have several textboxes within a userform and was wondering if there was some way to utilize one KeyPress method for all of these, rather than having to put the code within each textbox KeyPress event. I read some where about using Handles at the end of KeyPress...

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