1. D

    Count If with same keywords

    Hi all. I need Excel to count lines that include the phrase "test & 10", but not to count other lines that only have the word "test" without the & 10 I'm finding that I get zero results for "test & 10" as the keyword 'test' is filtered out in the 1st argument. The formula I've tried is...
  2. H

    EXCEL MACRO: Find & Replace based on sheet

    I need some help again :D I need to find from Column A2 below from Data (sheet) and replace from Column A2 below keyword (Sheet) replace format as what found in Keyword sheet A1 is header
  3. I

    Search for multiple text strings simultaneously in a single cell through VBA code

    Hi, i have a sheet where i need to find the keywords from a list of keywords in each cell into a particular column. What I want to do, though, if look for a long list of keywords simultaneously, and if ANY of those keywords are present, have it return that "keyword". So what I want it to do is...
  4. E

    Excel VBA Macro searching Word document for keyword

    Hello guys, This is my first post. Please let me know if I should post in a different thread. I want to run a VBA Makro that searches for a keyword in several Word documents and generates a list of document names when the keyword is found. - lets say we have 50 word documents, all in one...
  5. C

    Delete EEE Parts from Excel File

    Hello, I'd like to come up with some VBA Code that will look up the following keywords in Columns E and I of my Excel file and delete those rows: Jans (this keyword needs to be searched in Column G only) Resistor % Diode Trans MCKT Micro Conn Relay Inductor Thanks
  6. JenniferMurphy

    Does VBA support keyword parameters?

    Does VBA support any kind of "keyword" parameter? By this, I mean parameters of the form keyword=value. Something like this: =MyFun(A1, B2, Keyword4=C3, Keyword2=D4, ...) I am working on a UDF that has half a dozen optional parameters with more to come. Most of them are omitted on most...
  7. O

    function/formula like Ctrl+F -> find all in one cell?

    hi, i've done hours of ressearch and i can't find what im looking for. I've seen stuff like Vlookup, Index, etc. they all don't work because you need to have the same keyword repeated in your list which i do not have. What i need to do is search for a keyword and write all the results in a...
  8. B

    Extracting useful data using a macro

    Hi everyone! I work in medicine and have a data analysis project I'm trying to work on. The basic premise is that I have an excel workbook that's the output of a database search of our radiology records system (submitted a keyword search to radiology system, it output all results to this...
  9. N

    How to unzip a file by a keyword

    Hi All I need to unzip a file by a keyword of a file since the file name contents some variable numbers and dates which are varied with the date. Therefore I tried to create a code to unzip a file by its keyword. I tried to use a function with a sub but it does not respond me. How do I fix...
  10. B

    VBA for data pasting

    Hi Guys, I'm looking for help/suggestions in writing a piece of VBA that will be added a rule on Outlook. What i want it to do is take the attachment off an email that will have a set keyword and copy and paste the data from the attachment to a file that already exists and then autofill a...
  11. A

    Code to write phrase for entire column based on keyword in different column

    Hi All, Have a question as to how I can go about creating a phrase in 1 column based on a keyword in a different column. For example, if a number in the range of 500-750 Appears in column C, I need “do not instruct” in column Obut only on those rows in which the range is >= 500 and <=750. I...
  12. K

    AdvancedSearch module to search for more than 1 word?

    Hello, first time posting...I borrowed a bit of code to create a search box in cell B1. This allows me to search in the Range for a keyword, and it returns matching rows. I would like to know how to expand this, in order to search for two or three keywords. Thank you! Sub...
  13. P

    Filtering Data - Contains formula

    I have a list of internet search keywords and I want to filter out ones that have state or city in the keyword string. Is there any way to write a formula that references a list of states/cites and if any of state/city keywords appear in a keyword to have the referenced keyword appear in a...
  14. E

    Setting up a keyword lookup tool

    What I want to do is set up a landing page and a keyword search box. The keyword would search through 4 sheets' description columns to return approx matches to the keyword. Below the keyword entry box, I would have 4 headers (to match the four pages) that would have the formula I'm trying to...
  15. C

    How to use AddressOf in VBA

    I have a timer script from the web that uses the AddressOf MySub as the callback. Apparently it worked for the person who wrote it. However, it fails to compile at least under Excel 2013. Is this keyword and functionality still valid in VBA? In 64bit? I can post the entire timer script if...
  16. M

    Copying Rows with multiple "Keywords" to new Spreadsheet

    Hi, I am trying to copy certain ROWS from my "DATA" sheet to my "Planning" worksheet with a MACRO, and am having some issues with adding more than 1 Keyword to my search. Right now my Key word is "PFP", and the only way I found to search for another keyword is write out the formula below it in...
  17. T

    UDF Request Concatenate(C1,D1) Placing D1 After a specific word if its in C1

    Input:C1 Mary went down the and hurt her head D1 hill Desired Output: Mary went down the hill and hurt her head Below is the best what I can describe the logic as: (If C1 contains "keyword") (Separator " ") concatenate [D1] as "[C1...Keyword][Separator][D1] [Rest of C1]" Below is the...
  18. F

    Web scraping

    good day im trying to search data after navigating to the website and then entering input into the search field following is the html code first selecting "Search Cr" from drop dow <!-- Dropdown menu Start --> <div class="bs_LblockDropdown_App1 bs_LblockDropdown_Common" id="Div10">...
  19. M

    HELP! Finding SUM, AVERAGE, MIN, MAX formulas for cells that have numbers and text in them

    Hi, Could you please help me finding excel formulas for the following problem? I have the following cells on the same column (column A, rows 1-5): A 1 00:30 random1 !day random6 2 01:00 random2 !day 3 02:00 random3 !night 4 01:15 random4 !night random7 5 00:15 random5 !day...
  20. D

    VBA: InStr(x,Keyword) where keyword is a variable! My code doesn't work

    Hello, I have 6 keywords that I would like to cycle through with the following code but I can't seem to get it to work. Any ideas? Sub ChangeLinks() Dim wb As Workbook Set wb = Application.ActiveWorkbook Dim Path As String Path = Application.ActiveWorkbook.Path Dim NewName As String Dim...

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