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    Preventing copy/move sheet INTO main workbook from outside workbook

    I'm using this Workbook's SaveSheet event to prevent users from adding a new sheet from within my main workbook file. OK, that's half the goal. But that event isn't triggered if user tries to copy/move a sheet from another WB into my main file. I've started looking at a workbook lock/protect...
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    Add Bookmarks in Word 2007 using Mail Merge or VBA

    Essentially, I would like to find a way to create 400+ bookmarks in a word document through mail merge or by some process with VBA. I've created a word document with several mail merge fields that create individual pages for U.S. States with some summary information. I need four of these fields...
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    selecting cell using buttons

    Hi, i am a newbie to macro and vb programming i want to implement a small functionality of selecting a cell using buttons in a table For E.g in a table like this <tbody> Column Button A Column Button B Column Button C Row Button A 13 14 15 Row Button B 16 17 18 Row Button C 19 20 21...
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    UserInterfaceOnly not kicking in when accessed through ribbon button

    I have a large workbook, wherein I use UserInterfaceOnly on the sheets implemented through the Workbook_Activate event. Up until now it's always worked just fine, but now it doesn't work in a specific circumstance. When I open the file directly or with a shortcut or with the File->Open...
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    Using 'Like; to meet multiple conditions

    Hi, over past day or so i've built a quite a like VBA script with the help of the recorder, google and searching this board. However i've now hit a wall. The script imports an ASCII file, sorts it then analyses the data, couting totals etc. The difficulty comes in the fact the the ASCII file...

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