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  1. FalconBLUE

    Userform Updating Problem after For Cycle

    Hi everyone I'm working on a project and I want to work this macro code. This code running on a userform(with ADO but I designed activeworksheet the below code for tell) and effect another userform label captions. Anyway, the problem is after the code run erasing previous label caption. I...
  2. B

    Assign Userform Label Caption A Value In A Cell More Than Once During Runtime

    I have a userform that adds multiple textboxes to a frame during runtime upon a user's selection from a listbox. The user will update the textboxes with values, and once complete, click a button on the userform that saves the textbox values to a worksheet, creates a label, and assigns the sum...
  3. A

    Userform label captions - Problems with repaint / updating values

    Hi, help please! I have a multitab userform with various controls. One control is a listbox, and the user can choose (in this case) Male or Female, and that's linked to a control source cell in my workbook, and it updates the linked cell just fine. Other cells in the workbook then adjust...
  4. E

    how to count items in the listbox?

    hi! i have a userform with the search button then all items found will appear in a listbox.. how can i count the items in my listbox and display it in a LABEL caption ? please help..thanks a lot...
  5. C

    Change a String into a label

    Hello. I'm working with a map that has about 40 labels. I'm trying to write a small module that will step through the labels and based on values in a different sheet change the label caption to a name that makes sense on the map. The way I'm trying to do this is by using a for loop and using...

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