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    Change price to barcode ... easy breezy?

    I've created a form that prints out price labels. at the bottom of the form I would like to include the barcode corresponding to the price on the form as a label.caption so lblPrice.caption = variablePRICE I would like to take variablePRICE and assign its corresponding barcode to...
  2. J

    Vlookup Multiple answers and place in label captions

    Hey Ive came up stuck. I have a table of answers on "Input" sheet which have the same value im looking up but i need in my labels to show different answers in each. for example my table is 78214 09/06/2015 MABEY HIRE LIMITED TRANSPORT/DELIVERY CHARGE INCL 78214 09/06/2015 MABEY HIRE...
  3. A

    How to change a Label.Caption with Worksheet_Activate

    I'm having difficulty getting my Worksheet_Activate to change my Label.Caption when the worksheet is activated and need some help. I'm using two worksheets. One with DATA in Cells and Command Button. The second sheet is a form that takes the data and put it into Labels, then prints out the...

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