1. A

    Lable caption base on last entry in column

    Me.Label15.Caption = Format(Sheets("list").Range("H1").Value, "###,##0") Hello I have a userform and Label15 caption shows the H1 cells data at worksheet"list" Is there any way to change that code will look column H and last entry will populate at Label15 always? Thanks
  2. gheyman

    & Ampersand in Lable

    Is there a way I can use an Ampersand in my label?
  3. V

    Auto run 2nd UserForm code

    Hi , I have made a user form "Userform 1" where I have a button to Pull up "UserForm 2" which is basically a timer display with a lable box to show time elapsed and a command button to stop the timer. Users are required to STOP the timer when they are back from break. I just need to know how...
  4. U

    Format time when changing UserForm Label Caption

    I am trying to display the time required when it is available and all the code works except for the NumberFormat [code] If Sheets("Flow").Cells(i, 5) <> "" And i > 3 Then UserFormFlow.Label1.Caption = _ "Select the task to be performed." & vbCrLf & "This task will take...
  5. L

    question for multiple comparisons in if statements

    Hello, I was wondering how to correctly get an if statement to reference multiple entries. For example. I have a column 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 I want to add another column that says something like if(B1=2,3,4, "Group C", "") so if the value in cell B1 = 2, 3, or 4, then label "group C"...

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