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    LARGE Function using a date range

    Im trying to show the Top 5 performers within a date range using the units per hour (column G) At the moment im using the following formula (for first place) which gives the answer i need but you have to manually put in the date range. =LARGE('Sheet 1'!$G$2:$G$60,1) I want the user to be able to...
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    2nd Largest Value with Criteria Avoiding Duplicates

    I am looking to get the 2nd Largest Value with Criteria Avoiding Duplicates, essentially I want to find out every customer in my records their min, max and 2nd to max ship date This was my original take on it, '={LARGE(IF([Column2]=[@Column2],IF([Ship Date]<[@MAX],[Ship Date]),[@MAX]),2)}...
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    2nd Largest Value With Criteria and avoiding duplicates

    Hello, I need to figure out how to grab the 2nd largest value with criteria and avoiding duplicates. essentially i have a list of transactions and I need to say what is this customer's last time they ordered and 2nd to last time they ordered. Thank you so much!
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    Large function - when there is no nth value

    Hello everyone, I've got a question about the large function in vba. I've searched the internet but couldn't find an answer so I hope you can help. In a sheet there's a range (column c) that contains numbers. The search range is fixed, the Numbers not. I want to search for the highest and...
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    Calling a function

    I've got a code that searches a loads database, takes the numbers and puts them into a calculator, gets a number from the calculator and then adds that factored load to another database. To perform each of the major steps in my code, I call a function. Now when I call each function in order...
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    Help with LARGE Funtion

    Hello All, This is my first post in this forum and really excited that I found this forum. :) I tried searching for, before posting my below question, however couldnt get a clue to proceed further with my problem. Here is my problem. Background- I need to collect the consecutive...
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    How to use Arrays in Functions like LARGE / Conditional Range

    Please take a look at the spreadsheet. 1. I have two arrays (array formula 1 & 2). And a large function which references the two arrays. =LARGE(I4:I5, 2) It does not work at all. :( What should I do? 2. I want to calculate the sum of each section. The name "Check" or "Verify" acts like a...
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    Lookup/ Large/IF function - Return 5 most recent dates matching criterior

    <tbody> Date Round Home Team Home Score Away Score Away Team 13/09/2013 1 TEAM A 1 1 TEAM B 12/09/2013 1 TEAM C 2 1 TEAM D 20/09/2013 2 TEAM C 1 1 TEAM A 27/09/2013 3 TEAM A 2 1 TEAM D 05/10/2013 4 TEAM C 2 2 TEAM B 06/10/2013 4 TEAM D 1 4 TEAM A 15/10/2013 5 TEAM A 1 1 TEAM E...
  9. A

    Football Data - Analysing recent team form (I have half of the solution in SUMPRODUCT) Above is a link to the Google Drive doc for this post I'm trying to sum together goals scored for and against for a particular team in the previous X number of games played. The doc shows home teams in column F and...
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    LARGE function with external links

    I require a formula to calculate the 5th highest value in the same cell of a large number of workbooks. Each workbook contains a large amount of data and are too big to be combined within one file. I have attempted to achieve this by using the large function with an array such as the following...
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    Finding row numbers of the top 10 largest numbers in a range

    Hi, I have been using the Application.WorksheetFunction.Large to find the top 10 numbers in a range but I cannot seem to get the rest of the code to find the corresponding row number when there are duplicate values. My code so far is as below: Sub Top10Values() Dim rngTestArea As Range, k As...
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    Issues with Array Functions I am lost overcoming

    I have been working on this for days and have searched and searched. Of the forums where I have found help this has been the best. I have two columns of data: Name: Performance Value: A 1 B 2 C 0 D 2 E 5 F 6 G 3 In another spot I am...
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    using Large function to sort a column of numbers

    I have 3 columns of data: col. A = name (random order), col. B = Net #, Col. C = Gross #. I am using =LARGE(C$1:C$4466,ROWS($D$1:D1) to Automatically sort col C in decending order. I would Like to do another decending sort but only the values in Col C that corespond to a particular name in...
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    LARGE formula - is there an equivalent for text data?

    What is the equivalent formula to the LARGE formula that will sort text rather than number? Using the formula =LARGE($B2:$H2, columns ($K2:K2)) I can sort numerical data and rewrite to the second array Is there an equivalent formula that will enable be to do the same with text entered into...
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    Using the LARGE function to adjust the ith largest values

    Hi everyone, Excuse the crude post, I am new to VBA (and forums)! I am trying to write a program to examine the values in a worksheet column and adjust any values that are larger than a specific criterion value (that is also in the sheet). They have to be adjusted in order so that the highest...

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