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    VBA Script last cell/column with remove replace copy formatting

    Hello - this site has always been a great source of help once again i am looking for VB code that will select from cell H4 out to the last column/last cell then with that selection perform two functions find null values and replace with NR copy the conditional formatting of H4 and paint brush to...
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    VBA code to autofill formula to last cell in row

    I am trying to write a VBA code that will autofill the formula to the last active cell in the column. The range varies each week, sometimes there will be 3 rows of data other times there will be more. Ideally the code is dynamic and will adjust without me having to manually update the code...
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    how to fill formula till lastrow?

    Dim sht As Worksheet Set sht = Sheets("REX") LastRow = sht.Range("A75").Rows.Count Range("F75").Value = "543" Selection.AutoFill Destination:=Range("F75:F" & LastRow) I am trying to put value starting F75 to last row of F, but It's not working. Is there any way to fix this code to work?
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    Find Last Cell in column (Ignore formulas)

    Hy All, I'm having trouble finding a way to find the last cell in column ignoring formulas. Honestly I found some pieces of code in a already existing thread in this forum. I tried this one I found, but returns error Dim oneArea As Range, finalCell As RangeSet finalCell =...
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    formula - variable that returns the last cell

    Is there a way, in a formula, to use a variable that returns the last cell? I use countif a lot and find that changing each range to accommodate added rows is arduous and error prone! For example I use the following to count the number of instances where the cell contents are greater than...
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    Find last column with value?

    Hi all I am looking fo a way to find the last entry accross in a large data set, excluding heading etc. data is all numbers within the range AU100:YT10000. I already have a countA to validate a columns with data, returning (1 or 0), but I would like to have a row above that looks at the...
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    using getpivotdata in VBA

    I'm looking for a code to extract entries out of a pivot table and put them in a new table. I'd like to be able to fill every cell in the new table. I have used getpivotdata manually in Excel and it works fine. When I try to record it as a macro things get complicated. Once I have it working...
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    Last cell/column in a row with a paticular data

    Hi All, I have dynamnic no of columns for a row . Except a first few columns for that row ,all successive columns will have data as either PASS or FAIL(see eg below). is there any excel function which can tell me which is the last column/cell with either PASS or FAIL. e.g : COL1 COL2...

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