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    Hange last characters in multiple words in a cell

    Hi! I would like to know how can I change the last character (or add or delete a character) in each word, when there are 2 or more words in a cell? For example: <tbody> How is written How I would like to be written whit hors white horse white agent whitening agents </tbody> I think...
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    Excel formula that spots space as last character

    Hi All, I've got a huge dataset that I need to export out of Excel into a statistical analysis programme. Annoyingly, the stats programme can't deal with the dataset if one of the cells contains a space as a last character (eg, "12345 " instead of "12345".) Is there a way to highlight cells...
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    Formatting that shows only last characters of cell / inverted text wrapping

    Hello everyone, I couldn't find enywhere online answer to my question - how to format cell in a way that, whenever number of characters exceeds i.e. 360, it shows only last 360 characters of given cell. I want full content to be seen only after double click or after extending hight of the cell...
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    Extract last few digits from a cell

    I have value in column C5:C9999. It contains alphanumeric along with special characters. Column D5:D9999 contains numerical +ve integer. How to extract last D column digits from column C in column E5:E9999? Ex: C5=Peter-0085964 D5=6 E5 should be 085964 C6=Peter-0085964 D6=9...
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    Combining Cells on Loop until Last Character equal >

    Hello, I have had great success with people's help on this site and hoping the success continues with this problem. I have two parts to my spreadsheet that I am struggling with in regardsin to combining cells. Part 1: My spreadsheet comes looking like this below: | A | B...
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    RIGHTcommand last digit in cell = zero?

    Please help: I am looking for a conditional format formula that looks at the last digit in the cell and asks if the digit is zero then the conditional format is true and I will direct excel to color the cell. All vaules are numbers. Cells are currently set to round to nearest hundredth...

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