last modified date

  1. C

    Display Last Modified Date for List of File Names

    I have the following code which, when called, will display the folder contents as a list on a dashboard in Excel: Sub DisplayInProgressBeth() Dim objFSO As Object Dim objFolder As Object Dim objFile As Object Dim i As Integer Range("S29:S38").Select Selection.ClearContents 'Create an...
  2. A

    VBA for the last modified date of a row

    Hi, Been scratching my head at this all day, fairly new at understanding code for excel as well. I have a sheet I use for production , a little conditional formatting for a simple RAD (red amber green) status using 1 2 3 in each cell (see attached imgur pic) What...
  3. K

    Function or Formula to return date last modified?

    Hello, I am wondering if there is a simple Excel Worksheet Function (or less ideally, a custom VBA-defined Function) which can automatically return the date last modified, i.e., when the document was last updated/modified, recalculated and/or saved? Thanks for any tips. K.
  4. J

    Extract file details from folder and subfolders - VBA

    Hi everyone - I found this great code below that extracts the file names for all files in my folder. I was wondering if anyone knows how to also add the: "file path"; "file size"; "last modified date"; and "last modified by". Please let me know if you have any thoughts! Sub Auto_Open()...
  5. L

    Last Modified Date in ACCESS

    Hi, I have a table and a field called Last Modified Date. I want somehow to automatically update the if value changes in that row. Example ID Fruits Last Modified Date 1 Apple 17/10/2010 2 Apple 17/10/2010 3...
  6. phildetwei

    Record time cell changes when cell is changed by formula/database refresh

    Hello all. I use the code below to record the time a cell value changes. This works good so long as the cell was changed by direct input. I have a case where it would valuable to be able to automatically record the time/date a cell was modified for cells that are changing, but changing only by...
  7. J

    VBA Function: check last modified date of files with wildcards in name and path

    VBA Newbie here. Please forgive any protocall mistakes: I currently use the following to test for files to exist after running a batch to copy them from various locations on a network. Works well allows wildcards in path, file name and extension. Private Function IsFileTrue(fDriveFolder...

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