last used cell

  1. K

    VBA to call a sheet and copy userform values

    Hi all... Ever get burnt out? The more code you write, the further you are from your objective? I knew you'd understand. Here's the fast summary of this userform action: Check to see if a workbook exists - fileName:="C:\Users\admin\desktop\KELLY'S CRAP\cambridge\Autosaves\Event " &...
  2. Alan_P

    Excel VBA - Find last used cell of a variable column number?

    Hi All, Just wondering if anyone knows if there is a better way of finding the last used row when the column is variable? So normally I would just use the below code to find the last row; Range("A" & Rows.Count).End(xlUp).Row But in the code I've done I am finding the column via it's number...
  3. A

    Auto fill across from last cell used

    I need to auto fill from the last found cell across to "IV". I have dates in rows 1,2,3 and formulas to fill from row 6 to 10. The last cell is unknown as data is deleted from "B" to wherever depending on the days in the month, and I then need to auto fill from the last cell across.Essentially...
  4. I/O_Dork

    Returning contents of Last Used Cell in Column

    Hi all: I know how to write a formula to return the contents of the last used cell in a given column or range, but the issue here is that I don't just want to look for the actual contents of the last cell but the results of the formula in the last used cell. For example, if I have a formula...
  5. B

    Last Used Cell Formula

    I'm looking for a formula to return the address of the last used cell in the same workbook but on a different sheet: So I have a summary tab and nine other tabs, all data in the nine tabs are in column A. As an example, in the 9th tab the last used cell is A28; which shows: "...

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