last value

  1. D

    LOOKUP() multiple criteria, return most recent value

    <colgroup><col><col><col><col></colgroup><tbody> A B C D NAME DOI Dept OSHA John 3/8/2019 Grocery Yes Isa 3/19/2019 Perishable No Dave 3/24/2019 Grocery No Phil 3/25/2019 Perishable No Eric 3/26/2019 Perishable Yes Anne 3/28/2019 Grocery Yes Jack 4/1/2019 Perishable Yes </tbody>...
  2. D

    Formula that would pick the last value in a column depending on the value in the next column

    Hi everyone! I need your help with the following issue. I need a formula that would insert into a cell the last value from the first column depending on the wording in the second column. In other words, I need a formula that would insert into one cell the value of 40 (which is the last value...
  3. R

    HLOOKUP with multiple criteria

    Good Afternoon all, I have been searching the forum as well as other sites as to how I can resolve a little problem I have I have a table in a cross tab format, something like this (a) ---------------------(b) -----------------(c) ---------------(d) ---------------(e)...
  4. P

    Last Value into Textbox

    Please help!! I have a userform for data entry and i want the textbox3 on this userform to display the last entry (an 8 digit code) in column E when the commandbutton is pressed to enter the data. i am using the below code and cannot get it to work. TextBox3.Value =...
  5. Grizlore

    VBA code to return the last value in a column into a UserForm TextBox

    Hi All, I have a UserForm, which I would like to calculate a weight. I would like the User to enter the current weight and the UserForm to display the previous weight - subtracting one from the other, I can display the weight used. I would like the vba code to pick up the last value in column...
  6. J

    Need help to return last value in row and also a value in column specified number of columns to left

    Hi there, Many thanks in advance for any help/solutions on this (I'm sure) very simple problem from a newbie. I have a row of numerical data which is updated daily. On a different tab in the same sheet, I want to create a formula with divides the last value in the row by a value in the same...
  7. J

    Last Value and Row in a Column

    I need a formula that provides the value in Column 'A' at Row 'X' where 'X' is the last row for which there is data in Column 'B'. In the below example this would mean - for the last row in Col 'B' that has a value what is the value in Col 'A'. In this case the result would be 'Apr'. I have a...
  8. R

    Return last value from row via lookup

    Hi I have an excel sheet with the list of contractors in on column and their list if invoice numbers in the corresponding rows. On another sheet I have a dropdown list with the list of contractors from sheet1. I want to use this dropdown list as a reference to lookup that contractor on sheet1...
  9. D

    Return value in column "A" of a row containing certain value in column "I"

    I have a spreadsheet with dates in column A. I am trying to find a way to return that date of the last occurance of a specific value in column I.
  10. bmckenna

    Find data in last cell of a row

    I need an excel formula, preferably no VBA, that finds the last cell's value in a ROW range.
  11. bmckenna

    Pull data from last cell in a row

    I need an excel formula, preferably no VBA, that finds the last value in a row range.

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