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    Filtering from more than 1 sheets

    I have a series of worklist written in sheet 1 and sheet 2 as indicated below. What I want to happen is that at Sheet 3, I will have an input cell which is designated at A1 which when I type any word from column F of sheet 1 and 2, it will filter out that word and all information on the worlist...
  2. S

    memory leak open/save/close

    Pretty simple code. I have daily files (dy and mo) for multiple years (yr) for different areas (ucode) that are in .txt format. I want them in excel so that I can use them later for other vba macros. So there are four "For" loops, then I declare the file name and the path name. When the...
  3. D

    Out of memory : or Just quits

    I have a workbook, #13. It has a module called “Mass” I made some small modifications to other modules, renamed the workbook #14. I test the module “Mass” the same way, in both. It works fine in #13. It gives memory error in #14 or just plain quits. -I generate a tempform -I show it and...
  4. W

    How to deallocate memory in Excel 2007?

    I have some macros that I have setup to continuously run under Excel 2007. Among other things, the macros connect to a webpage and import data from there, also import data from local HTML files and from other workbooks. The macros run 24/7, unattended, on a dedicated machine. Now everything...
  5. G

    limited # calls to 3rd party DLL allowed

    I am using a 3rd party hydraulic modeling program that provides its computational engine in a DLL and associated VBA module that provides the desired functions from the DLL to VBA. I have a macro that I wrote that iterates on rows of a spreadsheet. Each row contains some inputs. At each row...

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