learning excel

  1. J

    Does anyone where to learn VBA for Excel online?

    I discovered this site for Java script: www.codecademy.com its wonderful showing you from scratch Javascript. Is there something similar to learn online VBA for excel with small step-by-step exercises that are also corrected on the go? Thanks. J
  2. S

    learning: VBA or Formulae first?

    My friend is suggesting on his experience that its best to learn vba and its logic; and then learn pro-advanced excel as the formulae will make more sense... once I know the language. And as things can be done much speedier and poss easier in vba. . This may be an idea. What you guys think...
  3. J

    Recommended Excel knowledge for an administrative assistant?

    Hello, everyone! I am training myself to be a proficient administrative assistant, and I am looking for some advice from experienced Excel users as to what they believe would be the most useful Excel knowledge for my job level. Many job postings for this type of position require advanced...
  4. jmh2008

    Learning VBA - Videos

    Hi, I have books on VBA, but I need videos. Just can't seem to sit down and read the books. Anyone know where I could learn VBA through Videos? Thanks, Juanita

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