1. L

    Get certain characters from text

    Hi all, I would like to ask for your help. I have the following text in cell B2: 'John Smith' and I need to get only OHN starting from the left. I've tried using the =LEFT function but it gets JOH but I need to get OHN. Thank you excel pros.
  2. S

    The most efficient way to SUM() a series of substrings

    If in column R I have a 6 digit numeric string in each cell like below what would be the most efficient way to calculate the total of the first two digits, then the 2nd two, then the 3rd two, other than using a lengthy formulae for each cell like these =LEFT(R1,1) + MID(R1,2,1) =MID(R1,3,1) +...
  3. G

    Conditional Formatting (left function) question

    Hi, I'm trying to do conditional formating based on the value of another cell. Currently I'm basing it on the first 5 characters in a different cell, as follows. Forumula is: =left(b10,5)="73214" Each cell in column b has 10 characters, the first 5 characters are consistent among groups...

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