letters as numbers

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    Set a letter to represent a value

    I need to be able to type in 0, S, or D into a cell and it stand for a number value such as, 0=0, S=1.5, D=3. I need to be able to change this cell to any of those 3 and it automatically change the number value. In the cells I already have =SUM(G5*H2+G2) all the way through H17. I need to be...
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    assign number value to letter and sum with other numbers

    Hi all, Newbie here so be gentle! :-) I have searched a lot but found nothing exactly like what I need. I thought it was simple but I can't get a IF, SUMIF or SUM of anything to work so far. I know it's me so i need HELP! for an archery scoring spreadsheet I have a number of entries in a row...
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    Format 1,2,3 to show up as A,B,C

    I created a pivot table and I want to have some letters right in the middle of a bunch of data. as a temporary fix, i changed the letters to numbers so they would show up. Is there a way to put letters in the column data of a pivot table? I assume not, but I had heard there might be a way...

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