1. M

    Length limitation with accepting numeric value in text box - VBA User Form

    Dear Experts, How we can set condition for text box of user form that accepts only numeric or alpha-bate values with character limitation like should accept only 10 characters. Let me know the coding. Thanks
  2. K

    excel unable to set the formulaarray property of the range class

    how can i break the below array formula to two when loading macro to avoid the limitation of 255 characters? thanks guys. Selection.FormulaArray = _...
  3. J

    Limiting formula to set value

    Hi I'm trying to create a formula which limits its self at a certain value, the formula I am using up to now works fine however I need it to limit its self to a maximum value of 845. =IF(B14>MIN(200)*OR(MAX(1500)),((B14-200)/100)*65,0) any suggestions on how to do this? thanks
  4. O

    Power Query : Limitation on size of data?

    Hi Is there a limitation on the number of cells you can import? I have a file with 209 columns and 500 rows but PowerQuery is only bringing in the first 128 rows - is there a workaround to this? Many thanks
  5. C

    chart size limit

    Hi guys So I have a table of data that automatically updates from a server, and a graph is generated from that table. However the table keeps on growing in size about 2000 entries, and I only need the most recent 100 or so to be graphed. any help would be great. Thanks in advance Conor
  6. C

    Is it possible to change a value of another cell with a UDF?

    Hi guys, Im kind of beginner in vba. Below is a simple udf. If two criteria match it will return with the value from the WorksheetFunction.Index(Sheets("TP_IP_range").Range("C:C"), add, 0). I would like to change the value of Worksheets("TP_IP_range").Range("B" & add"). Is it possible somehow...
  7. RyanTG

    Any hacks to overcome Excel's 15 digit limitation?

    Are there any solutions for Excel's 15 digit limitation when making calculations? Excel uses 15 digit floating point arithmetic. For example, if I type a 16 digit number into a cell, it will take the 16th digit and change it to a zero. I have yet to find any straight forward answers to this...
  8. S

    Limitations to Format As Table?

    I have an excel spreadsheet (Excel 2010) that has 3 columns, and approximately 59,900 rows. It's been sorted and duplicates (all 3 columns) removed. I would like to use the Microsoft Fuzzy Lookup tool to match one or more columns to one or more columns in another worksheet. The other...
  9. M

    Is there a limitation to Excel's AutoComplete functionality?

    Is there a limitation to Excel's AutoComplete functionality? I have a list of about 3,542 project ids that I want to auto complete from a validation list with the valid ids being hidden in rows above the selection area. It seems that the further down the list I go, the more characters I have to...
  10. M

    Data Validation with nested IF statements or VLOOKUP does not work.

    Hello, <?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" /><o:p></o:p> Here is my problem: <o:p></o:p> Excel spreadsheet will contain a form that will consist of drop down boxes (data validation). Each drop down box will define the data that can be selected in the next...
  11. C

    SourceData 255 Character Limit

    I am working on a PivotTable in Excel. I need to generate it dynamically, using VBA code. The query for the table is quite complex (probably 1500 characters). The SourceData attribute has a limit of 255 characters for the total size of the query. Does anyone know of a method to get around this?
  12. M

    Bring Only Filtered Data to Pivot Table

    How do you retain the data that is filtered in the main worksheet (we filter on 5 or more columns) when creating a Pivot Table? Are we having trouble because we are using a Shared Workbook? Doesn't the administrator (first person in) have rights to make all changes? If Shared Workbook...

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