linear interpolation

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    VBA syntax for allowing the input of a cell to be equal to a variable value

    Sorry for the confusing title, essentially what I am trying to accomplish is creating the VBA for the excel ceiling_math function so I can use it in a linear interpolation function I am creating. I would like to figure out the code to allow the unitcount and significance in this code (bolded) to...
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    Non linear but linear Interpolation

    If my title caught your attention, please read further. I am not looking for elegance, but I am looking for a fast way to go through the data. I have 19914 lines (yes 19914 rows) of data that are separated into 3 columns Column A: Known Depth Column B: Known Age Column C: Known Depth (but points...
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    4 Linear Interpolations... I think.

    Here are 4 tables of iterated values for bottom hole pressures in CO2 injection wells. I’d like to be able to input a Surface Pressure (Psurf), TD (total depth), average fluid temperature Tavg, and CO2% and have excel go find the best approximation of the bottom hole pressure from the tables...
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    is there an alternative to VLOOKUP which interpolates

    Hi All I am using Vlookup formula, but the second column of data (the data which vlookup returns) is very noisy, and instead of choosing the nearest datapoint I would rather do a linear interpolation between the nearest 2 datapoints... What is the easiest way to do this? Many thanks in...
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    linear interpolation

    I have to calculate interest rates for dates between posted dates My bank has given me the following. The rate on 05/17/2017 is 3.7973%. The rate on 08/15/2017 is 3.7235%. The requested date is 07/15/2017 and the bank interpolated the rate to 3.7482%. I need a formula where I have three...

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