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    Copy Microsoft Word table cell content including line breaks into Excel cell via VBA

    Hi all, I have the below VBA code that will copy the contents of a Microsoft Word table cell and paste it into an Excel cell. Cells(x) = WorksheetFunction.Clean(.Cell(x).Range.Text) It works apart from picking up line breaks. So if the Word table cell reads Username: CH_CLERICAL1 Password...
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    Line breaks in text boxes linked to cell

    Hi everyone, I was wondering whether it's possible to insert line breaks into a text box's text linked via formula to a cell. For example, Cell A1: "Hello, pleased to meet you. I'd like to buy an apple" text box: =A1 -> text box displays the following with no line breaks [ Hello, pleased to...
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    Conditional Format STOPS at linefeed (line feed, line break)

    In 2003 Conditional Format would format (font) the whole cell. It appears that 2010 stops the formatting after a linefeed? Is this right? ie. is it my configuration/system? Is it configurable? Is there a workaround? Thanks very much.
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    Find/Replace Alt + 0010 for Mac

    Hi, On a PC, in the Find/Replace menu, I can add line breaks using Alt + 0010 or Ctrl + J on a laptop. What is the equivalent on a Mac? Option + 0010, Option + 0013, Apple key + 0010, Apple key + 0013 all don't seem to work. Thanks, Josh

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