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    Links from Word to Excel error message: "This Object is corrupt or is no longer available"

    Everyone seems to think this is a Norton problem - I do not have Norton or the OfficeAv.dll file. I have pasted cells from a worksheet into work using paste special... > unformatted text & paste as link. This has worked countless times in the past for me. For some reason I am no longer able to...
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    Change source for all links from Word 07

    Fair warning - this may be a bit of a Word question. I have many links from a Worksheet pasted as linked objects into word. I can change the source of these objects one at a time by right clicking one, selecting "Linked Worksheet Objects" > "Links" > "Change Source" and then browsing for the...
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    How do you link Word templates to an Excel spreadsheet?

    I have created a large number of work instructions using Word templates and I would like to make it easy for our engineers to figure out which template to use for each product. I have created an Excel spreadsheet with drop down boxes that allows them to fill out certain information about the...
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    Linking Word section to Excel cell

    Hi all, I'm trying to figure out how to dynamically link a section in several Word documents (that will get updated weekly) to a spreadsheet showing a summary of those Word documents. Basically, the Word document contains status updates (among other things) of individual projects; I want to...
  5. C

    Linking single cell into word, formatting problem

    Problem: When linking a single cell from Excel 2003 to Word 2003 I'm getting a forced line break right after the linked cell data. Example: The vacancy rate was 4.5% in the Western U.S., while it was 2.5% in California. There are line breaks after 4.5% and 2.5% that should not be there. My...
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    Link Word Document to Excel sheet and automate

    I would like to automate a information pull from Excel into certain areas a Word Document. The spreadsheet has a standard number of criteria and likewise the Word document has a standard set of data points that I need to populate. I would like to automate the link between the two. Would really...
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    Dynamically link Excel to Word - (paste as link wont fit need)

    Hi there, Curious if anyone knows how to better dynamically link Excel to word. When you paste as link, the range of the cells linked is fixed in the word doc. So, for example, should you add a row in the excel table, the word document will not automatically update. I have tried pasted as...

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