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    Entering data into a cell has duplicated it in random cells in the same column

    Hi, I'm working on a large spreadsheet for work (not built by me) and I've encountered an issue that I can't quite get my head around. One of the columns in the sheet is Occupation and another Address, some of which had previously been filled out and some of which were still blank. After...
  2. J

    Add a link in the body of an Outlook task created from Excel VBA

    I currently have a worksheet that creates Outlook tasks based on line data from a table. Works like a charm however i need to create a link in the body of the task. I can get the file extension in the body but i would like to hyperlink it. I have done some research but have become confused...
  3. U

    Exporting Excel Charts to PowerPoint

    Hello Gurus, Good day! Could you possibly help me amend the codes I found below: Basically, I am trying to create a PPT Template for my report - the charts, table format and tab names in excel are same. Is there any way to copy the format in excel (as seen in the excel print preview) on the...
  4. A

    VBA Select the excel file for your Vlookup Link

    Hello Guys. Please help me with my little Project. I have this project where i needed to link a database(Process2.excel) to another database(Process1.excel) so that it can automatically compute the offset adjustment(CNC Machinining) based from the Part ID's data from the previous process. The...
  5. V

    Turning 1 workbook link into a table

    I have 200 links to different workbooks that I need to turn into tables/data. =+'[File1]Sheet1'!E1 =+'[File2]Sheet1'!E1 =+'[File3]Sheet1'!E1 ... =+'[File200]Sheet1'!E1 I...
  6. J

    Extract href link from source code using VBA

    Below is the source code which i am getting after browsing a website I just want to copy link /search/Listing/45678489?source=results in excel and want to know how to click it class="details" is same for all href links that i want copy while id keep on incrementing mk:1:mk, ms:2:mk and so on
  7. L

    fonts names list (

    Hi Where can I find a list of all fonts? the link below does not give me the list Thank you very much.
  8. M

    VBA to get content from internet

    Hi Need a help. In column A of sheet 1, I have links of certain section of company websites. I need to copy all the content from that section to sheet 2 of excel once all content got copied from first link move to 2nd link and copy all content and so on. however i also need an identifier...
  9. E

    Help needed to correct the formula

    Hi, I am sure, that I am missing something silly which is stopping me from getting the desired result. This formula is a small part of a project that I am working on. Can someone please look at the screenshot, and tell me what I am doing wrong? Condition: If C3 = NA and D3 ="" then E3 should...
  10. D

    Replace HYPERLINK formula with button

    I've created a link with the HYPERLINK formula which is using customer IDs from another cell inside the Hyperlink. Works like a charm. Now I've been trying to make the Excel a bit nicer looking. Is there any way to replace the links with a button or a button-like graphic so it doesn't just look...
  11. J

    VBA email with hyperlink to shared drive

    So I have a spreadsheet that sends an automated email - no problems there. I've run into a small issue when I want to insert a link to a folder on a shared drive. I have the code set up so the message body writes, ... update your training file at: S:\Training\Staff Training... where the S:\...
  12. P

    Graph help (Data Table)

    Hello experts, I am having difficultly graphing the attached. The original file in excel is a a data table (What If Analysis). link to file is below. <tbody> Price per Chair 500 750 1000 1250 Cost per Chair $200 $15000 52500 90000 127500 $175 $2500 33750 65000 96250 $150...
  13. L

    Insert Images to Excel Linked Word Table

    I have a VBA code that copies a seelction of cells from Excel and creates a Word table that is linked to the original document. I need to be able to insert images into the created word table. The table will allow me to do this, but each time the link to excel is refreshed the images disappear...
  14. M

    VBA Hyperlink

    Hi Guys, I am asking about hyperlink function in VBA, I have the following Label1 = "Link from excel cell" I need to add hyperlink to it and i did the following ThisWorkbook.FollowHyperlink Label1 and it works perfect, but what i need is (Friendly name) not to put the link shown in excel cell...
  15. L

    how to become excel 365 insider

    Hi I have office 365 student version. I went to to file-->acct as per the link below but I do not see Insider option.
  16. J

    VBA for Copy/Paste

    Hello! I am struggling with a function to link to a macro that requires me to copy a set of values from one sheet to another, while these values depending on a certain month that I link, and then asking the user a Yes or No question on if they want to replace these stored values for that month...
  17. M

    Multiple Pivot Charts With Linked Filter

    I have 3 pivot charts each with their own data source. The tables are all set up the exact same way. They have the exact same layout, just different numbers whether it's referencing a 6 month, 12 month, or 2 year projection. What I am trying to accomplish is I have all 3 pivot charts displayed...
  18. L

    I need creating vba code.

    red cells I want a vba code that only go that area Get File from Link before!AnJwxxiz0Ezpg8d44doit5nmxCco9A?e=b7ucl2 Ty Thomas
  19. S

    Scroll/Drag check boxes down and link to the new cell

    I am making a rather large list with checkboxes which is working well. When I want to expand the list, I have to individually edit each check box to be linked to the new cell. Is there a better way for when I drag a cell down by the bottom right corner that the new check boxes are linked to the...
  20. D

    Grabbing HTML data from hyperlinks in excel

    Hi all, I have a document with a column of 400 hyperlinks for different companies. Each link is to a website with a description of each company. The link leads to the same sight and while the description changes for each company the format and location of the description does not change from...

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