linked cells

  1. S

    Updating Formulas in Google Drive

    Hi, I have a number of files in Google Drive which many other people have access to for a number of reasons. One is a summary file which is the driver for formulas/value in 15 of the other files. However I have found when I change the driver cells nothing changes in the 15 linked docs until I...
  2. C

    Revised: Strange Behavior with ActiveX Checkboxes

    I am trying to create a shopping list with several columns, a column for product name, a column with checkboxes to indicate if item is to be fresh and another if item is frozen, etc. I used the sub routine below to create the checkboxes in the "fresh" column which seems to works as designed...
  3. L

    Edit cells in worksheet X by making changes in worksheet Y

    I am having the hardest time searching google with the correct keywords for my issue. Or maybe it simple cannot be done, but here goes: In worksheet X I keep records of all my sent out invoices. In column A it simply says TRUE or FALSE. TRUE means the invoice was paid. FALSE means it is unpaid...
  4. M

    How to link data so it can be sorted by different parameters on multiple worksheets?

    Hi, I'm trying to set up a spreadsheet of contacts' information with name, country, e-mail address columns and then have the data linked and sorted alphanumerically, by different parameters, on separate work sheet pages. ie Sheet 1 would display the contacts alphabetically by name; Sheet 2...
  5. E

    Pop up text box deleting text in linked cell

    Hi, Hopefully this is a quick one. I have a pop up UserForm1 which contains 2 text boxes which are linked to B33 and D33 each of Sheet1. So the UserForm1 appears and the contents of these cells are displayed. B33 and D33 are formulas and the text boxes show the results of those formulas, which...
  6. V

    Macro to sort cells containing references

    Hi! I'm relatively new to Excel and VBA and I could really need some help with the following problem. I'm truly sorry if I'm posting a question already asked, after hours of googling I haven't found an answer that would suit my situation (although I think this will be relatively easy for someone...
  7. B

    Inputting data in different columns via input template(sheet) which changes by dropdown.

    I would like to create a template for inputting 20 pieces of data on a weekly basis. The data will ultimately be presented on a seperate sheet with week 1 to 52 as column titles and the 20 parameter titles down the first column. For the input sheet I would like to have 20 blocks and a dropdown...
  8. C

    Conditional formatting to identify Linked Cells

    <!--[if gte mso 9]><xml> <o:OfficeDocumentSettings> <o:AllowPNG/> </o:OfficeDocumentSettings> </xml><![endif]--> Good afternoon, I am trying to simplify usage of a fairly complex spread sheet by helping users understand the various roles of different cells, inputs, linked, formulas, etc...
  9. T

    Sorting linked worksheets when there are unlinked cells in a row

    2 columns from Sheet B are linked from Sheet1. When I sort Sheet1, by Linker#, it changes the display on Sheet 2. The Unlinked column isn’t tied to anything, so gets out of order with the other items on Sheet 2. Do you know how I can keep the rows in Sheet2 intact? Maybe using another...
  10. U

    Jump to a linked cell?

    Hi All, I seem to remember a way to jump to a linked (not hyperlinked cell) but am having trouble. Hope you can help. Here's the application. 12 months of sales data in worksheets - Jan11-Dec11 and a Summary worksheet that is linked to cells (MonthlySales) in each sheet - ie =Jan11!c5...
  11. P

    Data Validation: Lists | Linking Cells

    I have a dropdown list in a cell on, say, sheet1. Then for example, on sheet2 I need the same drop down list, BUT if a value is selected in the dropdown list on sheet1, when I switch to sheet2, I want the value selected to populate the same cell that has the dropdown. Conversely, if a value is...
  12. A

    Convert sub Insert COLUMN of checkboxes to Insert ROW of checkboxes

    Hi all, I found the following code that inserts a single column, user entered range of checkboxes. (It works very well and saves much time for those interested) Sub insertCheckboxes_OnCentre() 'Found via at...
  13. J

    Macros modify, linked cells, formatting

    Basically, I have a workbook with several sheets. Sheet 1 is a "master" sheet named UPDATE DRAWING INFO and it contains a ton of numeric and text values. The other sheets reference cells from this "master" sheet. This way, a change on the master sheet is reflected in all the other sheets. When...
  14. A

    Adding row updates linked sheets

    I have a workbook with different spreadsheets. The Base Sheet has all the information and other spreadsheets within the workbook are linked to the Base Sheet. I need to have a VBA code that allows me to add a new row by running a macro. And also when I add data to the newly added row, it...
  15. already

    linking cells

    Hi I have a sheet with only cells linking to cells on another sheet. ex (sheet1) a1 = sheet2!a1 The goal is to export those cells to another program The data on sheet2 change every x time (when I import data from another program (2)) When I import new data to sheet2 the data in sheet1...
  16. C

    dynamically link cells

    I apologize if this has already been posted. I am trying to dynamically link two cells, and I don't think equations will do. Essentially, I am trying to acheive the following When I enter a value in Sheet1!A1, I want it to reflect in Sheet2!A1 When I enter a value in Sheet2!A1, I want it to...
  17. A

    VBA wont return cell value

    I'm using the following code in a worksheet change event but it wont return the Target Offset value. However if I delete the linked value and type in Sun or any other day it finds it. If Not Intersect(Target, Range("D8:D38")) Is Nothing Then If Target.Value = Range("P40").Value Then If...
  18. A

    Conditional Formatting?

    I remember seeing a workaround for being unable to conditionally format a referenced/calculated cell. eg. A1 contains "Saturday" A2 =A1 CF wont work on A2 as it reads as =A1while displaying " Saturday". Delete A2's link to A1, type in "Saturday" and the CF works fine. Any & all help...
  19. B

    Linked Cells Problem

    I have several worksheets in .xlsx format that link to other workbooks. Does anyone know why only certain pieces of data link and the others show 0 until I open the source book? I can click on "Edit Links" and update the data, but the cell stays as "0" until I open the source book and everything...

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