1. L

    Help Deleting List Objects List Columns

    Hi, I have some code that will go through a table and delete the fields that I have deselected on a different tab. The part where I am having difficulty is the ListObject.ListColumns(#).Delete part. The problem is that the # changes, but I haven't put it in my code correctly to dynamically...
  2. S

    How to stop ListColumn.Name changing the format of my dates?

    I have an excel table whose column headers are dates, going back to September 2011. There is one date for each day (I'm up to column MY!). In mid-August I added a Macro that would generate new columns automatically and add data from another sheet. It worked fine until the start of this month...
  3. S

    Value of first column in active row in ListObject

    I want the value of the first column in the active row in a ListObject. I've tried MsgBox ActiveCell.ListObject.ListRows(ActiveCell.Row).Range.Address, but don't know how to refer to the first column in this row. I've also tried MsgBox...
  4. S

    Update database based on data in ListObject

    How can I create a SQL query based on the column names and values in each row? I've tried to search for a simple and free Excel based database management system, but couldn't find anything. I want to perform the action which i've tried to describe in codes below. For each row in a ListObject I...
  5. boim

    Removing certain columns based on a list of column headers

    Hi, I have a table with several un-needed columns that I'd like to remove. In the VBA code I defined a list (an array) that contains the column headers that will be removed. I devised a solution using ListColumn object (SOLUTION #2), and while this solution works fine, I tried a different way...

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