1. C

    Userform-Database ListCount Permission Denied

    Hi, Im trying to auto scroll to the bottom after an input, but I'm getting the error ""Permission Denied" Private Sub UserForm_Activate() lstDatabase.AddItem lstDatabase lstDatabase.ListIndex = lstDatabase.ListCount - 1 End Sub
  2. VBE313

    How can I select the next item and next item and next item?

    Private Sub CommandButton1_Click() For I = 0 To Me.ListBox4.ListCount - 1 If InStr(UCase(ListBox4.List(I, 1)), UCase(sFind)) > 0 Then Me.ListBox4.TopIndex = I + 1 Me.ListBox4.ListIndex = I + 1 Exit For End If Next I End Sub...
  3. VBE313

    How do I search the next column over list index?

    Sub TextBox4_Change() sFind = Me.TextBox4.text If Len(sFind) = 0 Then Me.ListBox4.ListIndex = -1 Me.ListBox4.TopIndex = 0 Else For I = 0 To Me.ListBox4.ListCount - 1 If InStr(UCase(ListBox4.List(I)), UCase(sFind)) > 0 Then...
  4. W

    Create hyperlink to an activex combobox listindex

    Is it possible to create a hyperlink to an activex combobox's listindex? So that the hyperlink would change the combobox selected item to combobox.listindex = 1 or listindex = 10?
  5. V

    How to add ListIndex into ListBox in VBA Excel

    Dear All Masters, I want to make my ListBox to be tidy with ListIndex. It means that I want to have straight line column in ListBox. Currently, I don't know how to input ListIndex into below code. Pls kindly help me accordingly. Thanks all Masters. Sub Pending() Dim r As Long Dim msg As...
  6. azizrasul

    Error 380

    I have a form upon which is a combo box. When I initialise the form, I have the following line cboShow_CP.ListIndex = Sheets("Current").Range("Show_CP_Prem_Choice") - 1 I get the error "Could not set the ListIndex property, Invalid Property Value. The value I get for...
  7. I

    Populate multicolumn userform listbox with data only from hidden rows

    I've adopted the following code from various sources. Column A's data is populating the listbox fine, with each entry populating its respective listindex, but Column B's data (which I'm trying to capture with the .list) is only acting on the first listindex. What do I change? Private Sub...
  8. sharky12345

    Problem updating cell values using Listbox ListIndex

    I'm trying to update a worksheet using the ListIndex of a Listbox, like this; Row = ListBox1.ListIndex + 2 With Sheets("Contacts List") Range("A" & Row).Value = TextName.Value Range("B" & Row).Value = ComboType.Value Range("C" & Row).Value = TextRelationship.Value Range("D" & Row).Value =...
  9. T

    Find Index of Multi Col listbox and write to cell

    I have a list box created thusly 'Populate Jurisdiction With Me.ListBox _Jurisdiction .ColumnCount = 2 For i = 1 To 35 .AddItem Range("Tables!C2:C36").Cells(i, 1).Value .List(.ListCount - 1, 1) = Range("Tables!D2:D36").Cells(i, 1).Value...
  10. I

    Make 2 ComboBox's on different tabs be linked

    Hello, I have two different tabs with a combo box in each I fill Both Combobox's with a list when the WorkBook opens. I am trying to link both combobox's. If combo box on Tab 1 changes then also change combo box on tab 2. This is all pretty easy but when custom text is received then that's when...
  11. I

    Cant Clear by ComboBoxs HELP vba

    I created an invoice tool(I would attache it but dont know how...) Im trying to creat a "clear all" Cmd button. But im haveing trouble clearing by combo box's. Im pretty sure its becouse i have created a loop. Once one combo box has a change event then it will change another combo box. I have...
  12. A

    Error 380 - ListIndex Property

    Hi all, I am using Excel 2003 running on XP. I have a routine that allows me to work on data held within a list created from data on a spreadsheet ("Income"). This works perfectly when there is data in the sheet. If the data sheet is empty (like after month end) then I get the following...
  13. E

    userform listbox help

    I have a userform that will search a table and return results based on either Work Order number (column A) or Unique ID (column D). There are multiple UNIDs for each WO. When it returns to my list box if I searched for WOs then everything works great. But if I search for UNIDs it amends the...

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