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    Dynamically change list values

    I have data in a spreadsheet, called volunteers. In the last 5 columns are a series of Yes/No responses, such as "Call Voters", "Work the polls", "Fundraise" etc. What I would like to do is create individual sheets based on data culled from the main sheet (volunteers), so sheet 2 would consist...
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    Turning a series of individual timesheets into a simple daily summary

    So in my spreadsheet I have a tab for each employee. Each tab is a weekly summary with a column for the date/hours/mileage/job that they worked. I want to create a separate daily spreadsheet that gives me a list of each employee that worked on a given day, and also pull the # of hours they...
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    All combinations for data in groups of different sizes

    Thank you in advance for any assistance you can offer. i'm trying to create excel (2007) spreadsheet that will list all possible combinations of 5 different groups of numbers, while filtering out some rows. Each of The 5 groups can contain between 1 and 8 possible numbers. for example: Group...
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    Macro to rotate through list of names (advanced)

    if you look at the table below, there is a date column and a name column. in a perfect world, i want to copy a list of names to my clipboard and run this macro. the macro will paste the contents to sheet1, convert as many names as i paste to a table, then on sheet 2, create these two columns for...
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    Calculate certain combinations from various lists

    Hi, I am trying to write a formula (without Macros, queries, or VBA) to create all the combinations from a list, given certain conditions. I have several plants running several production lines, and if a production line breaks it has a cost as described below: <tbody> Factory Failure of the...
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    Runtime error 462

    Hello guys! I tried several ways to fix my code but it's always give me the same error (runtime error 462) and highlight this piece of code: This happened when I tried to print an automatic numbered list on a word document...
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    Returning list with common values

    Hello All, I have searched through the posts and could not find an answer to this one. I am trying to search through data and return all of the results that have a common value. For simplicity, say I have a list of 5 people in column A (John, Mike, Jeff, Andrew, Simon) and their job title in...
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    Comparing cell contents to lists

    Is it possible to create a formula which looks at the contents of a cell and compares it to several lists (also in Excel), then enters a value. I.e. I have a list of towns in column A. I want the region to be automatically inserted into column B. The towns are listed by region in a separate...

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