listview in vba

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    Scroll 2 listview at the same time, Excel VBA, help please

    Hi all, I have this problem, I have 2 listview in 1 userform in excel, I can't combine the listview list, but both listviews is correlated. so I need to fine a way, to scroll them at the same time, how to do that? [/URL] free image uploading[/IMG] Please help, if this can be achieve...
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    Search in Listview

    Dear Excel wizards I have a listview with six columns. How do I search for a value in the first column? I assume that it's column 0, isn't it? Example to search for value 59: FindItem "59", lvwCustomers, 0, Public Sub FindItem(strSearch As String, lvw As ListView, iSubItemIndex As Integer...
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    Listview issue

    Can anyone help me with the following? I have a userform that utilizes a listview control to display a range of cells from a worksheet. Initally this range is around 7000 rows by 75 columns. Via the use of various other controls, users can then filter this list to whatever they require. My...
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    ListView Query

    Hi, Not sure if this is possible, but is there any way of inserting a horizontal line between rows of data in a Listview control on a userform? At present the listview displays data as below: Title 1 Title 2 Title 3 Data1 Data 2 Data 3 ... ... TOTALS Total 1 Total 2 The...
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    Listview Control with Check Boxes

    Hi Everyone, I've added a Listview control with check boxes on the second page of my Multipage. Everything works fine except disappearing. When selecting among pages. This is on a Excel user form. Not sure what is going on. My environment is: Win XP with SP3 3Office 2007 with SP2 Any...

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