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    Using Enum

    I have a list of strings and numbers that go with them. I'm sending the string to a Function to return the Number and was using Select Case but have an idea there's something better. I tried Enum. Can I use the variable name though, or must be a literal ?
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    Is there a way to put the only the results of a formula in a different cell.

    I am looking for a way to put the results of a formula in a different cell without any formula appearing in the new cell, sort of like "Paste Special/Values" only doing it automatically with a formula or function, instead of manually. For example, if the results of a function are "George", I...
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    IF function returning "TRUE"/"FALSE" literals rather than arguments entered

    I am having trouble with an Excel IF function. If I have a valid child project ID in column K (> 8 characters), then I want to use it to populate my cell. Otherwise, I want to populate my cell with the parent project ID in column J. Here is my IF statement. =IF(LEN(K2)<8,J2,K2) The result I...

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