location path

  1. J

    Code to save workbook in specific location not working

    I am using the following code and it saves correctly with the right name but not the correct location, is there something obviously not wrong and will it be affected by the fact its a network drive? Private Sub CommandButton1_Click() ChDir ("S:\Development\Tool Trial Procedure Reports\") '...
  2. Z

    VBA to open file, copy data then close file

    Hi, I need to extract data from 130 files containing data is exactly in the same format. I have created a file into which the data must be extracted to. In this file: Sheet name: Sheet1 Cell C7 = path to find the data file to open and copy info from (C:\Users\me\Dropbox\Consolidation test)...
  3. andrewb90

    Backup copy of workbook macro

    Hello, I am using this code to create a backup copy of my workbook: Sub DOUGHMON()Dim fname fname = "C:\Users\Andrew\Desktop\WEEKLY SALES REPORTS\" & Format(Now, "dd mmm yy") & ".xlsm" ThisWorkbook.SaveAs Filename:=fname End Sub The only problem with this code is that my current file gets...
  4. R

    Variable Tab References by location

    Does anyone know the way to reference the farthest right tab in a workbook? The formula would be on a summary tab, location of summary is the far left in the workbook, and essentially be a =vlookup(ref,"furthest right tab"&A:B,2,0) Thank you for your help Rob
  5. L

    Macros - Export worksheets from a workbook to the current workbook location path

    Hi All, I have a macro to export worksheets from the workbook to the specified path( The location path is to be set in the macros). Problem - when I moved the macro enabled workbook to another location, i usally want to change the location path in the vba editor manually. Is there a function...

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