logic flaw

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    SUMIFS with IF and AND functionality

    Team, the code and formulas i have typed into a few of my cells trying to figure this out has turned into a monster i have lost control of. Details are below. This spreadsheet is used to summarize overtime for everyone on a shift for a single day. Column F gets numbers manually entered. Column...
  2. G

    Excel Macro - If Cell contains a character go to the next row and STOP when Empty

    Hi All, I Am reading and excel sheet using macro. I have Put a condition already if the code come across ani ISNummeric = false Skip it to next line. I wanna know if the code comes a line where Column A B and C is empty Code should end DO Not go Beyond that row. Below is the table as per table...
  3. L

    RunTime err when using now()

    Hi there! I'm trying to make an "Index" page that will update the time a sheet in the workbook was edited. so far the code I put in each worksheet is Private Sub Worksheet_Change(ByVal Target As Excel.Range) Range("A1").Value = Now() End Sub Then I'm calling the Value of A1 in the Index sheet...
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    Need VBA Logic Help

    I am running Excel 2007 and am trying to create a macro to prevent page breaks in the middle of a row that has merged cells. I have looked high and low for an existing method to no avail. I got to thinking and may have come up with a way that will work for me but I'm not knowledgeable enough...
  5. A

    Help with saving a Final date with logic statement

    I have a workbook that is titled "Results". It has 2 columns that I need help with, a 'status' column (B) and a 'finalized date' column (C) Column B is the 'status' column: Formula: ('[May Database]Summary'!$B$1) The May Database B1 column is a dropdown with options "In Progress" and...
  6. F

    Need Vlookup experts on this string

    Hi, I am looking for some suggestions on why this string isnt working. Background: This code used to be three nested if statements that sepperated people out by thier shift when searching for them using a id (this searched for shift was in a different file, "welder Database") Then I...
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    New Excel User - Simple Word Count Tracker Help

    Hello all, This is probably a very simple challenge that I've run into, but I am a writer, and I am currently trying to create a spreadsheet that tracks how many words that I type daily. I am currently using Google Docs spreadsheet application online, but have access to Office 2007 on a...

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