logical tests

  1. H

    IF function using drop down choices as logical test value

    Hi I'm trying to try a short formula for a sheet I'm working on. I want one of various calculations to be completed based on which text string is chosen from a drop down list. I've tried the standard =IF(cell="text",....) format, but it keeps defaulting to the False condition. For example...
  2. Jasa P

    Logical Test

    How to resolve this problem? :confused: If I have a combination of 125x10 in cell A1, then I just need the number after the "x". So, the value in cell B1 is 10. Example: A ____________B 1 125x10 ________10 2 53x5 ___________5 3...
  3. X

    logical test problems creating formula

    I have multiple time frames and am trying to create a logical test that will return true if the time given is within the two times. any ideas
  4. Y

    Logic test

    Hi there, I need some help with an IF formula I'm trying to use to tabulate questionnaire results. I have a "header" row where I have the question, and then below that row are "sub" rows where I placed what the correct response are, yes (cell C3), or no (cell C4). Under that section I have...
  5. dukeofscouts

    My Macro is too long!?!

    Well the good news is that I got the macro written correctly. Bad news is that it is too long. So here goes my question: How can I get this shorter? Background is that I'm working on an excel workbook to solve Soduko puzzels. I wanted to push my excel skills and see how I could use excel to...
  6. C

    Help with finding the maximum value between variable ranges

    I need some help with this. I have a massive amount of data, broken down in columns. Each column contains a different set of values, pertaining to a single text value in another column. For example: Column A (going downward): A, A, A, A, A, A, A, B, B, B, C, C, C, C, C, etc. Column B (going...
  7. B

    How Do I Compare A Sheet Name To A Wildcard Char In A Macro?

    I am trying to compare a sheet name in a workbook to a wildcard as I loop through multiple sheets. Here is the code I am trying to fix: If wsname = "X*" Then
  8. T

    If then statement

    I have a If functionI am trying to write that has to conditions and I do not know how to write it. Example: If A2 = "termination" and D2 <> "" , "True", "False" IF(logical_test, [value_if_true], [value_if_false]) I can not figuer out how to have two logical tests. Please help! Thanks!

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