login explorer vba

  1. A

    Get Data From Website That Requires Log-in

    hi, i am having truble with my macro maybe some1 can help me out, i need to get data from a website that requires to log-in, so i set this Vba, and i get an error "object dosent support this property or method" can anyone help me with this? Sub GetTable() Dim IEApp As Object Dim...
  2. sitewolf

    VBA to log into a website

    I have a spread I use daily where I need to go to a series of links on a site and extract data- all that is programmed But it's a site that requires I first be logged into my account. Sub AcctLogin() Dim a As String Set ie = CreateObject("InternetExplorer.Application") With ie...
  3. E

    Log in

    Hi, can any body help me with this one. i'm kinda new with vb in excel. i made this code for my log in form. the log in works if the information inputted is correct. i tried everything to pop up a prompt if the log in info does not match. but i failed. this my code: Private Sub cmdOk_Click()...
  4. B

    vba and username/password

    my status quo is, that the form of the login page gets filled out, but after submitting the form, the internet explorer stays somewhere and does not enter the portal. my code is this Dim ie As Object Dim lform As Object Set ie = CreateObject("internetexplorer.Application")...

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