lookup column

  1. M

    Lookup in same column

    <colgroup><col><col></colgroup><tbody> TENANT & UNIT # Total SF Buckhorn Material Handling 21,148 Unit: # 55 W - A Lease Start 11/1/1986 Lease End 3/31/2019 </tbody> Hi everyone, Does anyone know a way to lookup in the same column? I need to return the Name, unit...
  2. I

    Need help with VLOOKUP formula.

    I want it to insert the name from column "C' sheet- 'Assign ASUS HERE' and place the name in "B" of the sheet of the code When I changed the formula it returned "N/A". Any ideas how to fix it? I'm new to excel. =IF(B3="","",VLOOKUP(B3,'Assign ASUS HERE'!$A$2:$B$961,2,FALSE))
  3. K

    Look Up Formula for Range

    Hello, I have column where i have some negative values and positive values. I would like to use a LOOKUP formula to put them in a range. My range is as follows. < $0.00 $0.00-$499.99 $500.00 -$999.99 $1000.00-$1499.99 Above $1500.00
  4. W

    Need help pulling values from column - hlookup?

    Hi all, so here's my issue.. I need to pull certain values from a single column. The column is formatted so that Product ID's are typically on the top row and the UPC is located on the row directly below (not all Product ID's have UPC codes below them but I need to grab all the ones that do)...
  5. jmh2008

    Find the results of multiple occurrences in lookup

    I have a table where i want to combine columns from looking up items in the first column which has dups., Student # Home Phone Email Work 1 123-1245 1 me@com 2 456-4587 3...
  6. C

    Using a form of Lookup to find a certain text can be found numerous times then adding a number next to it to the others with the same text.

    Hi, Trying to find a solution to make this spreadsheet work as easy as possible. My sheet looks like this. <tbody> A B C D E F G H I 1 <tbody> Order No </tbody> <tbody> Status </tbody> <tbody> Order Date </tbody> <tbody> Order Description </tbody> <tbody> Type </tbody>...
  7. J

    vba sub for paste row to last empty row or update based on column identifier

    Q: I need to simply paste the values of the row at my discretion (button) so that they remain permanently where I pasted them.If they already exist there then update them otherwise paste to the last non empty row. From where they get copied the rows can change , new rows can come and go...
  8. M

    Looking up a variable that has multiple values?

    <tbody> <tbody> Skincare 1500 7 Magazine 120 Cosmo 345 SkinCare Magz 123 HairCare 2300 Hairstylist Mag 124 HairCare Mag 234 Shampoo Guide 453 7 Magazine 340 </tbody> My Questions is if I want to look up the value for 7 magazine, how do I do it? I...
  9. J

    Check the values in a column against a set range

    Hey Guys, I am building an upload tool in Excel where a user can insert (in bulk) roughly 5 Columns of data and up to 1000 rows. Prior to the SQL upload, I would like to check the values input by the user to see if they match exactly to the pre-defined names within named ranges. (I will bring...
  10. D

    Highlight Row Based on Specified Columns

    I would like to have Excel 2003 be able to highlight the row if there is data in certain columns. Specifically if there is a number greater than zero. For example the following could work...
  11. I

    Read values from a row in one sheet and write them to a matched string in another sheets column

    Hi All, I’ve been trying to write a script and whilst I’ve “sort of” learned some of the components I’d need I’m struggling to get going. I have no previous experience in VBA and whilst have some minor successes I’m a greenhorn self teaching programmer. I haven’t been able to find an example...
  12. D

    Values in a list

    I have some values in a column, 30, 50, 80, 10, and so forth and they are not necessarily in consecutive order. Is there a way to search this column for particular values? In other words, I want to search this column to see if values 200, 90, and/or 50 exist in this column. Is there a way to...
  13. B

    Operators in Array Formulas

    By way of explanation, I am in the real estate business. Over the years I have found the MLS to be too one-dimensional, so I built an ever-evolving means of illuminating the ways in which markets behave. For example, consider the following array formula: <?xml:namespace prefix = o ns =...
  14. aj_adkins

    Searching multiple sheets, and columns, with a list

    I’m using Excel 2003 on Win XP. I have a workbook, with 100+ worksheets. On most sheets I have columns with device names in column D, and ID numbers in column E. I want to enter a list of names or ids into a search sheet column, and search all sheets for all entries. At each found entry I need...
  15. 1

    Count / Lookup

    Hello, Please be gentle, I'm new. I'm working on a roster in excel. It is setup as col A persons skill lvl (0,1,2 or 3) col B persons name col C - ?? days of the month Now lets say we have rows 3 - 10 with persons 1-8 Persons 1-4 are working a day "d" persons 5-8 are working a late "l" I...
  16. M

    Find column where x exists

    I need your assistance with a small project I am working on. I know what I am going to ask you will be trivial to you considering the good knowledge many of you have of Excel functions and formulas, but please educate me. If I have a list of names in a column... if there are three or four...
  17. F

    Match and align rows with column B

    (If a thread already exist, please just direct me to it - I could not find one) I have a master list that contains data in column A and B (not alphabetic nor in numeric order , but in a particular order) I then have data in several columns of which the first column contains the same data as...

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