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    If I click Lookup button then it has to show relevant fields

    Hi friends, In my excel two sheets are there one is employee list having EMPCODE, Name, DEPT Code. In my second sheet we are showing Department name, no.of employees columns. We are displayed no.of employees count from first sheet. For ex. SALES department having 30 employees. Now i want to put...
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    Dynamic Lookup List to copy data onto master sheet

    Hello all, I currently have a Macro that opens a workbook, copies data from a sheet and then closes it again, this works fine. However, I now have 43 workbooks that I need to work with and really don't want to have to write out that many file names in the macro. Therefore I was wondering if...
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    Marco Directory Search Problem from excel 2000 to 2007

    Hi i've just upgraded my Excel from 2000 to 2007 and now this macro have stop working Sub Dirlist() Dim i As Long With Application.FileSearch .NewSearch ' *** Change Folder name to suit *** .LookIn = "C:\My Documents" .SearchSubFolders = True...

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