lookup help please

  1. E

    this is easy but why can i do it!!!

    ok i have a sheet that looks like this <tbody> fst name lst name email bday jan feb apr may jun jul aug sep oct nov dec eric g eric86@blah 1/30 i want the email show here bob smith bob@aol.com 5/12 email </tbody> i would like to know what to put in the cells to show...
  2. D

    Lookup Help

    I really need some help. I have a feeling that this is easy but I am too stupid to figure it out. I have a whole bunch of data that looks like this: <tbody> 1124 fish 1124 dog 1124 bird 1568 fish 1568 bird 3265 dog 3265 bird 7895 fish </tbody> I need to get it to look like...
  3. E

    created table of Refs and lookup maximum for repeated references.

    Hi everyone. I've been having a few serious problems with excel and given I'm rather new to it all I'm really unsure how to figure things out. I've been searching the internet for a way to solve my problem and everything I have tried hasn't worked. I'm unsure which combination of match...
  4. L

    Lookup question

    Hello everyone, I have a spreadsheet to which I want to add data from other workbooks. The problem is the workbooks I want to access are crated from a single workbook that is opened, data entered and then saved as another workbook. I don't want to access the original workbook, I want to access...
  5. U

    LOOKUP is returning data for a lookup_value that isnt in the table

    I have a pretty large table,(153,000 rows) My lookup_value is a 7 digit number. If my lookup_value isn't in the lookup_vector, it should return "#N/A" (which it does most of the time) but I noticed it was returning a result when the lookup_value didn't exist...it didn't exist anywhere in the...
  6. smatterchu

    My custom list is >2,000 character - how can I custom sort this spreadsheet?

    I have monthly reports that need to be sorted in an order other than ABC. I have the proper order of each product, and the list is 79 separate items/rows (over 2,500 characters). I tried to create/import a custom list and ran into the character limit. How can I set up some sort of lookup...
  7. smatterchu

    Help with removing a value (or entering zero) ONLY if a referenced cell indicates "Not attempted"

    I'm helping someone on a series of spreadsheets she does every month/quarter for dozens of different groups. Each group is slightly different, so it's not as easy to standardize. I'm trying to help her consolidate her efforts where possible, so I'm hoping to avoid manual manipulation x's 75...
  8. S

    Lookup Issue help please

    Hi Guys I am trying to make a formula which in the example below will fit into column D and will reference a cell in B to see what the result from the combo box is and then based on this will lookup the table in columns e:h and then will find the corresponding value from the input column C that...

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